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Unibright and Baseledger - Enterprise Blockchain Solutions from Germany

The Unibright view on the blockchain

The blockchain as a concept can be assessed from different point of views. It

is important to understand the view of the Unibright team on the blockchain

to understand the framework and the constructive applications Unibright offers

and to answer the question: ”What is Unibright?”

We understand the blockchain1 as a data structure that is technically implemented in a decentralized peer-to-peer network and offers the possibility to

define and hold both data and functions in single blocks, the smart contracts.

Some features promised by blockchain technology, like built-in security and information completeness, predestine it for use in the business integration domain.

What Is Unibright (UBT)?

Unibright is a member company of SPO Consulting GmbH, which was founded in 1989. The cloud-based integration platform was released in 2011; the cross-blockchain and cross-system business process integration of Unibright was launched in 2016.

How Is the Unibright Network Secured?

As mentioned previously, Unibright plays an important role in the development of the Baseline Protocol, which offers extra privacy. It also enables confidential and complex collaboration between enterprises without exposing sensitive data on-chain.

All of the participants in a business process set up microservice containers. \ The Baseline API then acts as a gateway to all services within the container and the mainnet, providing a system for queue management.

A secure messaging service that provides secure stateless message transport is also available, as well as a zero-knowledge-proof service that can generate proofs of private logic execution and consistency. As such, Unibright offers a unified framework that brings blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream use.

Unibright is backed by a team of experts in the field of blockchain, as well as architects, developers and consultants that have over 20 years of experience in business processes and integration.

Unibright offers a unified framework with the goal of bringing blockchain technology and contracts to mainstream users. Unibright offers enterprise-level blockchain solutions, integration platforms and an ecosystem centered around tokenized assets.

Unibright also plays an important role in the development of the Baseline Protocol. This protocol is designed to connect traditional systems to each other and notarize states on a public mainnet, such as Ethereum.

Baseline Protocol is an open-source initiative. Acting as middleware, it combines advances in cryptography and messaging with blockchain in order to deliver secure and private business processes at a low cost.

Baseline Protocol can automate B2B agreements without the need to create new blockchain silos and integrate new relationships with existing ones in a flexible manner and without the loss of system integrity. Furthermore, Baseline Protocol can enforce consistency between different parties’ records without the need to move the data from legacy systems. It can also enforce a multiparty workflow.

Who Are the Founders of Unibright?

The co-founders of Unibright are Marten Jung and Stefan Schmidt, both of which have over 20 years of experience in software development, process integration and technology consulting.

Marten Jung is a co-founder and CEO at Unibright. Before UBT, he was a member of INATBA, and was the leading contributor to Ethereum mainnet integration for enterprises working group EMINENT.

Stefan Schmidt is the co-founder and CTO at Unibright. He was also a technical steering committee member at and integration taskforce leader at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.


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