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UnUniFi Protocol

UnUniFi Protocol

UnUniFi is a public blockchain protocol deploying syntheticassets including a suite of crypto-backed decentralizedstablecoins and tokens pegged to index of tokens onblockchain e.g. GameFi, Metaverse or NFT on Cosmos Network.

UnUniFi Protocol is a decentralized finance(DeFi) platform that provides tools and features that

allow users to create a collateralized deposit position, like that of MakerDAO, to synthesize a

number of assets pegged to legal currency, real-life assets, like stocks or commodities, crypto assets,

and index of tokens,etc. The mission is “Connect, decentralize, and activate the liquidity of various


There are many stablecoins in existence, but most of them are centralized and subject to regulation.

The value proposition of the stablecoins proposed in this protocol is that they are crypto-backed

stablecoins, decentralized, multi-collateralized, and scalable. In addition to issuing stablecoins, this

protocol will issue synthetic assets pegged to the index of tokens on GameFi, Metaverse or NFT,

which have been heating up recently. The UnUniFi Protocol aims to expand the size of the market

by introducing a new investment approach to the existing crypto asset market, and the blockchain

itself aims to be decentralized based on principles.



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