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Shojinmeat Project

Shojinmeat Project

​The Shojinmeat project is an open-source, non-profit, research group interested in the development of cultured meats.

The Shojinmeat project is an open-source, non-profit, citizen science community interested in DIY bio cellular agriculture and the development of cultured meats. The shojinmeat project was founded by Yuki Hanyu in 2014 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. The project is named after "shojin ryori" a Japanese Buddhist cuisine and reflects various values such as the commitment to nonviolence against animals and an avoidance of waste.


The group is in interdisciplinary organization with clusters of individuals from different technical and non-technical fields including research and development, culture medium, communication, ethics, and more. The project holds citizen science as its core value and reaches out to students and other do-it-yourself enthusiasts. As of December 2018, developments in the project include DIY incubator, DIY culture medium, kitchen cell culture protocols and high school cell culture class.

Integriculture Inc.

The Shojinmeat project spun off a startup company Integriculture Inc. The scientific research on how to make cell-based meats is open-source and shared with the public, while the business logistics around scaling and sales is proprietary to Integriculture Inc.



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