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Sevin Rosen Funds

Sevin Rosen Funds

Sevin Rosen Funds is a Dallas-based company founded in 1981.

Sevin Rosen Funds was founded in 1981 by L.J. Sevin and Ben Rosen. The firm's focus areas of investment include: Internet, media, software & services; technology & communications infrastructure; life sciences & healthcare innovations; and materials & energy innovations Sevin Rosen Funds examine technology trends, and tries to identify those technologies they believe will change industries. Their emphasis is on what will happen next, what will succeed, and then, what will endure.


Sevin Rosen Funds investments include Vidyo, Hightail, Netsocket, Genband, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Luxtera, Metabolon, Electronic Arts and Channelinsight.

They have exited investments in Vidyo, Hightail, Electronic Arts, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Luxtera, Genband, ExteNet Systems and Xtera.


Sevin Rosen Funds has raised a total of $1.7B across 3 funds, their latest being Sevin Rosen Fund IX. This fund was announced on Jul 8, 2004 and raised a total of $300M. They raised their Sevin Rosen Fund VIII, announced November 2000 with a total raised amount of $875 million. And they raised their Sevin Rosen Fund VII, announced in February 2000 with a total raised amount of $480 million.


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