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Seventh Sense Biosystems

Seventh Sense Biosystems

A biotechnology company developing blood sampling and testing devices. It was founded in 2008 and is located in Medford, Massachusetts.

Seventh Sense Biosystems is a Massachusetts-based biotechnology company that produces TAP, a push-button blood collection device.


TAP is a Federal Drug Administration-approved medical device that can withdraw blood from patients in a quicker and less painful manner compared to traditional methods of blood withdraw. TAP is positioned on a patient's upper arm for blood collection.It takes 100 microliters of blood that can be seen in a blood indicator window. The blood is taken by 30 microneedles, which are used with the intention of relieving the pain that may be caused by using larger needles.

The company has stated that it aims to create a new standard for blood collection that can help to increase patient compliance with testing orders. Future versions of TAP will be designed to enable the patient to collect their own blood.


Seventh Sense Biosystems announced a $10M round of Series C funding November 2016. Investors include Novartis, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Polaris Partners and Flagship Ventures.


November 18, 2016
Seventh Sense Biosystems raises a $10,000,000 series C round from Novartis.
May 11, 2011
Seventh Sense Biosystems raises a $4,500,000 series A round from Polaris Partners and Third Rock Ventures.
Seventh Sense Biosystems was founded by Doug Levinson.

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