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Rubio Impact Ventures

Rubio Impact Ventures

Rubio Impact Ventures is a venture capital firm.


Rubio Impact Ventures (formerly known as Social Impact Ventures) is an Amsterdam-based venture capital firm with a focus on investing in companies that intend to make a positive social or environmental impact. Those companies are usually located in the Netherlands or in the northwestern part of the European Union and are in the early- or growth-stages of development.The firm was founded in 2014 by Machtelt Groothuis and Willemijn Verloop. Rubio Impact Ventures has invested in products and services such as containers and packaging, education software, and alternative energy equipment.

Investment strategy

The firm has three thematic areas in which it invests, the first being technologies and services that work toward making a zero-carbon future. The second area is companies that are developing solutions toward sustainable livelihoods through equal employment and education. The third area that it invests in is businesses that are developing solutions for positive change in agriculture, food, and human health.

Rubio Impact Ventures states that it invests in companies that meet certain criteria, such as stable sales track record and predictable profitability. Other criteria include the companies having a clear theory of change for an important societal problem and a scalable business model.


The firm has raised two funds since 2016. The first was the Social Impact Venture Fund I in April 2016, which raised more than $42,000,000. The second fund was in October 2021 and raised over $116,000,000, which was 40 percent more than its initial target.


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October 18, 2021

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