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European Union

European Union

Economic and political union of states mostly located in europe

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September 16, 2021
The Economic Times
The EU believes the region, which stretches from India and China through Japan to Southeast Asia and eastward past New Zealand to the Pacific, is growing in importance given its rising population and political weight, its role in global trade and security and its impact on climate change.
The Associated Press
September 16, 2021
Wholesale prices for gas and electricity are surging across Europe, raising the prospect of increases in already-high utility bills and further pain for people who have taken a financial hit from the coronavirus pandemic.
September 15, 2021
LONDON (AP) -- The European Union's top official outlined ambitious plans to help beef up the bloc's chipmaking capability in the face of intensifying global competition for semiconductors.European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen unveiled the European Chips Act on Wednesday to provide official support for the bloc's "chip ecosystem" so that the continent can stand on its own when it comes to producing the vital technology.
Niraj Chokshi, Matthew Goldstein and Erin Woo
September 7, 2021
The United States has about 100,000 public chargers, far fewer than Europe and China. It needs 10 times as many, auto experts say, to complete the switch from combustion engine vehicles.
Ben Rapp
September 6, 2021
The apparent business benefits of pursuing data adequacy agreements around the world may not be as enticing as they at first appear
William Keegan
September 5, 2021
the Guardian
The emotional three-word catchphrase 'get Brexit done' has been replaced by a new one: 'supply chain issues'
Telegraph reporters
September 5, 2021
The Telegraph
Your 5am headlines from The Telegraph's news team
Ciaran McGrath
September 2, 2021
BRITAIN must beat the European Union to the punch when it comes to the launch of a digital currency, previously dubbed 'Britcoin' by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, a City-based think tank has said.
September 2, 2021
The Economic Times
Speaking at a BSF panel Milan Roćen, Special Advisor of the President of Montenegro reflected views on China. "We are now seeing something that Napoleon actually predicted hundreds of years ago. He said 'let China sleep, but when China wakes up, the entire globe will shake."
Alex Scroxton
September 2, 2021
Irish data protection watchdog has issued one of the largest GDPR fines to date against Facebook-owned WhatsApp
Sebastian Klovig Skelton
September 1, 2021
Study on technology firms' lobbying efforts in the European Union shows the sector spends more than any other in trying to influence policies and legislation
Natasha Lomas
August 31, 2021
The scale of the tech industry's spending to influence the European Union's tech policy agenda has been laid out in a report published today by Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl -- which found hundreds of companies, groups and business associations shelling out a total of €97 million (~$115 million) annually lobbying EU institutions. The level [...]
August 30, 2021
The Taliban government in Afghanistan would accept any Afghan migrants whose applications for asylum were rejected in Europe and they would then face court, an Austrian newspaper quoted a Taliban spokesman as saying on Monday.
William Keegan
August 22, 2021
the Guardian
The UK's feebleness abroad and supply-chain problems at home show how absurd the Brexiters' dream of a transformed nation was
Press Trust of India
August 21, 2021
The head of the EU executive spoke after visiting a reception centre in Madrid for Afghan employees of EU institutions evacuated from Kabul.
Science X staff
August 17, 2021
Young Europeans are a diverse generation, but they share three key ambitions for the European Union to be a society of free movement; of social and environmental values and of shared liberal values, according to Young Europeans Speak to EU, a new report from a project led by Professor Timothy Garton Ash at Oxford's European Studies Centre.
Sebastian Klovig Skelton
August 12, 2021
Information Commissioner's Office to consult on its draft international data transfer agreement and guidance, which will replace standard contractual clauses to protect personal data during overseas transfers
August 12, 2021
Spain has become a leader of Europe's virus vaccination drive against Covid-19, due to a deep trust in the public health system and close-knit family ties that encourage people to get the jab to protect relatives.
Graeme Wearden
August 11, 2021
the Guardian
The international arrivals hall at Terminal 2 of London Heathrow Airport. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA
August 6, 2021
Singapore country will also restart entry approvals for fully vaccinated foreign workers and their dependents
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