Seaborg Technologies

Seaborg Technologies

Seaborg develops the Compact Molten Salt Reactor - a small modular reactor based on molten fluoride salt.

Seaborg Technologies is a company developing Compact Molten Salt Reactors (CMSRs) that are safe, significantly smaller, better for the environment, and inexpensive even compared to fossil fuels. Unlike conventional nuclear reactors that use solid fuel rods requiring constant cooling (typically with water under high pressure), CMSR's fuel is mixed into a liquid salt that acts as a coolant. This also ensures safety as it will solidify when coming into contact with the atmosphere containing all the radioactive material within solid rock.

As a power plant, Seaborg's CMSR design will be able to deliver electricity, clean water, and heating/cooling to around 200,000 households. It will also be able to produce carbon-neutral hydrogen, synthetic fuels and fertilizers due to the high outlet temperature of the reactor.

The reactor will operate at near-atmospheric pressures and cannot overheat thanks to a frozen salt plug that melts and drains the core to cooled tanks before damage can occur. The liquid fuel salt gives the CMSR flexibility with regards to which active elements to fission, both uranium and thorium are possible. The reactor can also operate on existing spent nuclear fuel. This turns long-lived waste into low-carbon energy and short-lived waste, like that from hospitals.

Seaborg isactively developing the design for their Compact Molten Salt Reactor, alongside licensing and experimental validation activities of key safety and performance claims, and is currently planning salt lab to accelerate these efforts.


Seaborg was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen by a group of scientists. They employ around 30 nuclear engineers, physicists, chemists, safety experts, and business developers. The company owns and operate a small-scale laboratory and is progressing towards licensing for the next generation of nuclear reactors. The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Seaborg has received funding from the Eurostars-2 joint program with co-funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The company's investors also include the Danish Innovation Fund, The Index Project, PreSeed Ventures and private individuals.

Partners & Collaborators

  • PreSeed Ventures
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • The Index Project
  • Chalmers University of Technology




Andreas Vigand Pedersen

Co-founder & Lead Physicist

Anton Emil Andersson

Quality Manager

Ask Løvschall-Jensen

Co-founder & COO

Aurora Suriel Melchor

Branding, Communication and Culture

Christian Stokholm Poulsgaard

Molten Salt Chemistry

Daniel Cooper

Lead Chemist

Eirik Eide Pettersen

Co-founder & CTO

Esben Klinkby

Co-founder & Neutronics

Gabriela Duran Klie

Senior Electrochemist

Jimmy Sølvsteen Nielsen

Chemistry Nuclear QMS

Jonas Stampe

Business Developer

Kaspar Hewitt Klenø

Co-founder & Reactor Physicist

Laura Holewa

Simulations and Multiphysics

Mateusz Pater

Nuclear Engineer

Navid Samandari

Co-Founder & Director of the Board

Peder Norborg

Chief Business Officer

Susanne Husted Nielsen

Visual Communications Designer

Thor Meyer

Co-Founder & Systems Engineer

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