Python (programming language)

Python (programming language)

A general purpose high-level programming language

Python is a clear and powerful object-oriented programming language for general purpose programming. It is comparable to Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java.

Python's language programming features are as follow:

  • A variety of basic data types are available: numbers (floating point, complex, and unlimited-length long integers), strings (both ASCII and Unicode), lists, and dictionaries.
  • Python supports object-oriented programming with classes and multiple inheritance.
  • Code can be grouped into modules and packages.
  • The language supports raising and catching exceptions, resulting in cleaner error handling.
  • Data types are strongly and dynamically typed. Mixing incompatible types (e.g. attempting to add a string and a number) causes an exception to be raised, so errors are caught sooner.
  • Python contains advanced programming features such as generators and list comprehensions.
  • Python's automatic memory management frees you from having to manually allocate and free memory in your code.

Guido van Rossum created Python in the 1990's at Stichting Mathematisch Centrum in the Netherlands as a successor of a language called ABC.

It is used for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific computing. Developers have also used Python to build productivity tools, games and desktop applications.


December 3, 2008
Python 3.0 was released



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