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Polestar is an electric vehicle brand operating as a Volvo Car Group subsidiary.

Polestar is an electric car brand operating as a subsidiary of Volvo Car Group. Polestar manufactures electric and hybrid cars as well as car engine parts and software. Polestar has several product lines: Polestar Cars, Polestar Performance Optimisation, and Polestar Performance Parts. Polestar's cars can only be purchased online or directly through Polestar, but customers are able to visit their showroom, Polestar Spaces, to see the products and conduct a test-drive.

Polestar Cars

Since its establishment as a separate subsidiary of Volvo Car Group, Polestar has released three electric vehicles: Polestar 1, Polestar 2, and Polestar Precept.

Polestar 1
1. Image of 2017 Polestar 1

The car was first launched in October 2017. It is a plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV) that combines both the power from its combustion and electrical engines, instead of the traditional switching methods used by most PHEVs. It can seat four people, and the design is based on Volvo's 2013 Concept Coupé. Polestar 1's car exterior utilizes carbon fiber polymer.

Polestar 2
2. Image of Polestar 2 prototype

Polestar 2 is Polestar's first fully electric vehicle. It is a five-door fastback with a five-seater. The car is the first car to have Android Automotive installed. Polestar 2 is the most affordable out of all Polestar's vehicle. The car also has an optional Polestar Performance upgrade that can be added to the vehicle.

Polestar Precept
3. Image of 2020 Polestar Precept

Polestar Precept was first revealed in February 2020. The car is made using recycled and environmental-friendly products, such as materials derived from recycled PET bottles (3D-knit) and natural fiber composites (BComp). The car is a four-seater and has a rearview camera instead of rear windows. It is equipped with Google's Android Automotive operating system.

Polestar Engineered

Polestar Engineered is the division of Polestar that focuses on providing software and hardware-based vehicle upgrades for Volvo cars. Since 2013, Polestar Engineered has offered upgrades for Volvo S60 and V60 models. As of June 2020, Polestar Engineered also offers upgrades for the following Volvo series: S90, S80, S40, V90, V70, V50, V40, XC90, XC70, XC60, XC40.

Polestar Performance Parts

The upgrade parts available for the Volvo cars include chassis parts, wheels, exhaust, interior, door enhancements, trunk handles, gearshift knobs, rear spoiler, pedals, and exterior details. The parts can be bought as a Complete Performance Package or as a separate component.

Polestar Performance Optimisation

The optimisation is dedicated only to Volvo cars that are equipped with Drive-E engines. It is intended to address five areas: throttle response, off-throttle response, gearshift speed, gearshift precision and gear hold, as well as engine performance. For certain models, Polestar also offers AWD torque optimisation.


June 16, 2021
Polestar announces its first all-electric SUV will be manufactured in the United States..
February 25, 2020
Polestar launched Polestar Precept car.
February 27, 2019
Polestar launched Polestar 2 car.
October 17, 2017
Polestar became an electric car brand and launched Polestar 1 car.

Polestar received EUR 640 million investment from Volvo Car Group and its parent company, Geely, to develop and manufacture electric cars. The capital was intended to aid Polestar in becoming a separate business entity from Volvo Car Group.

Polestar launched new version of Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar.
Volvo Car Group acquired Polestar's performance division.

Volvo acquired Polestar's performance division, while its race car division remainer under the ownership of Dahl, and was renamed as Cyan Racing. Polestar became a brand that operates under Volvo Car Group.

Polestar launched Volvo V60 Polestar car.
Polestar launched Volvo S60 Polestar car.
Polestar launched Volvo C30 Polestar Concept.

Polestar developed prototypes of Volvo C30 as a street car with race car capabilities.

Polestar became Volvo's official car performance upgrade partner.

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