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Openpath Security Inc.

Openpath Security Inc.

Openpath Security Inc. is a Culver City, California-based cybersecurity company offering mobile and cloud-enabled access control systems.

Openpath Security Inc. is a mobile access control solution that allows users to use a mobile phone to open authorized doors. They also offer cloud capabilities and lockdown solutions for physical locations. Openpath Security's access control system is designed to bring frictionless access and good security to the workplace. The company's product combines sleek hardware with an application and encryption at every level and user-level permissions. Onepath's touchless technology allows users to keep a mobile device in their pocket and wave to unlock a door.


The Openpath platform uses cloud-based access control software with connected hardware at access points, along with controllers or encrypted credentials that can be used with RFID fobs, smartphones, or smart watches. These different systems are intended to offer organizations options, depending on needs for access control, and give administrators access controls and an understanding of who has entered and left a building.

The platform is capable of being integrated into existing systems, which is enabled by backwards compatibility. As well, the platform is capable of being a standalone platform for an end-to-end access control solution. The tools are intended to also integrate with other software tools, including safety and wellness solutions, tenant and visitor management platforms, video management systems, identity services, and communication tools. And the platform is certified and compliant, meeting UL 294, FCC, and the European and Canadian standards. The readers are IP65 rated for water and dust resistance and compliant with SOC2, GDPR, and CCPA standards.


The platform uses hardware, including controllers, smart readers, video readers, smart hubs, expansion boards, and wireless locks. These are intended to give users full-building integrations, video capabilities, and end-to-end encryption intended to offer a frictionless access control system. These systems are also intended to offer administrators alerts about access, and with the video capabilities, they can see all access events.

Smart readers

The Openpath smart reader is a patented triple unlock technology to offer access controls. The readers support low and high frequencies and work with mobile credentials for touchless access, allowing users to move through doors with a simple wave. These readers are available with a variety of key cards, fobs in two distinct models, a standard reader able to be flush-mounted inside a single box, and a mullion smart reader able to be mounted where space is limited.

Video readers

Openpath offers a video reader unit, with the same features of their smart readers and enhanced with a built-in camera for live video capabilities to give administrators and security the ability to see what is happening at a given location. As well, the system is capable of showing access events and attempted access events.

Smart hubs

The company's smart hubs are all-in-one, preconfigured access control units that come with a power supply and battery backup. The controllers support a variety of smart readers and wireless locks with flexible designs, configurable inputs, and end-of-line supervision, and includes power for locking hardware. The company offers a similar smart hub designed for elevators, capable of operating for up to sixteen elevator floors.

Wireless locks

Through a partnership with Allegion Schlage, Openpath has integrated their access controls in wireless locks and gateways intended to offer the company's access control to interior doors. The commercial grade locks have a Bluetooth mobile credential to connect to the Openpath cloud.

Openpath Cloud Software

Openpath offers a cloud-based software platform for access control. This is intended to work with all of the company's hardware and give administrators control, visibility, and reliability to secure spaces through a dashboard intended to be easy-to-use and offer remote management. Through the software, administrators are also able to customize user schedules, permissions, and default entry states for specific credential types. The system maintains a record of entries and exits and yields detailed activity logs and custom alerts for access events.

The cloud software also allows users to set occupancy limits to automate occupancy tracking and enforce capacity limits. As well, the software is capable of integrating existing technology with digital health questionnaires, temperature checks, and contact tracing. Also, users can customize and activate emergency lockdown plans from any device.

Access methods

The Openpath platform offers different access methods, including a mobile application for Apple and Android devices, encrypted credentials for RFID fobs or cards, and guest passes. The mobile application utilizes a digital badge which can be read by an access point while being in a pocket, offering users automatic entry detection. As well, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LTE and location services, users can wave to unlock the doors for touchless, hands-free entry. In the mobile application, administrators can also use a digital ID badge for visual verification for heightened security. The mobile app can also be used on a user's Apple Watch or installed on a tablet which, offers the same features as the mobile application.

The keycards and RFID key fobs use DESFire EV2 128-bit AES cryptography with digitally signed identifiers that are difficult to clone or be copied. The cards are also supported for backward compatibility of legacy RFID systems. Through the cloud platform, administrators can also give guest passes or guest access through an access link for one-time visitors remotely. These guest passes offer limited entry privileges to guests or services providers. The guest access can be sent via email, text, or a messaging application. And for guests or visitors, there is no need to download the Openpath mobile application.

Case Studies

Case study

Bird Rides providing e-scooter service security

Bird used OpenPath's technology and web-based application for office access controls, and to increase physical security at the Bird offices.

Catchpoint Systems uses Openpath for frictionless access and security

Openpath's cloud-based access control solution allowed Catchpoint to scale their growing team while maintaining strict user permissions and schedules around their office and remain SOC 2 compliant.

LabFellow's developing flexible access solutions for development of life sciences innovation

LabFellows chose Openpath to offer remote management capabilities, allowing LabFellows to minimize administrative headcount and improve ROI at the LabFellows HomeLab facilities. This also gave LabFellows a chance to scale beyond incubator and accelerator spaces to offer cloud-based administrative control for entire life science buildings and campuses.

Openpath reduces Domino's drivers delivery time

In order to reduce the pain point of delivery drivers entering and leaving buildings, especially with food in hand, Domino's used Openpath's solution to allow hands-free entry for employees, meaning they would not have to fumble for keys or a badge. integrates security solutions

Openpath's cloud-based access control systems offered to enable their employees to access all buildings, instead of separate cards for each location. And it allowed the security team to manage the entire enterprise from a single centralized interface.


February 4, 2021
Openpath announces a partnership with Cisco Meraki to jointly deliver cloud-based security and access control solutions.
December 15, 2020
Ava Security and Openpath partner to integrate touchless access control and proactive video security.
July 16, 2020
Openpath Security Inc. raises a $36,000,000 series C round from Allegion Ventures, Greycroft, Okta Ventures and Touchdown Ventures.
July 17, 2018
Openpath Security Inc. raises a $20,000,000 series B round from Bonfire Ventures, Emergence Capital Partners, Fika Ventures, Pritzker Group Venture Capital and Sorenson Capital.
May 22, 2018
Openpath Security Inc. raises a $7,000,000 seed round from Bonfire Ventures, Fika Ventures, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Sorenson Capital and Upfront Ventures.

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