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Nortech is a Cleveland-based company.

NorTech is a technology-focused organization that strengthens Northeast Ohio's economic vitality by accelerating the pace of innovation in the region.

We are using our expertise in emerging industries to foster an innovation environment that provides companies of all sizes, higher education and research institutions, and individuals of diverse backgrounds with new opportunities for collaboration that create jobs, attract capital and have long-term, economic impact.

We also connect with government leaders and other influencers to raise the visibility of Northeast Ohio's technology assets, position the region as an innovation hub and attract resources.

We believe a thriving, resilient and globally competitive regional economy cannot be realized unless the region better leverages Cleveland's assets and improves the performance of African-Americans and Latinos in the city, who have been disconnected from economic opportunities within Northeast Ohio's innovation- and technology-based economy. That's why we are pursuing both a regional and core city approach.

Aligned with Northeast Ohio’s strategic focus on emerging industries, we perform a specific role in the region’s innovation ecosystem. We help to grow industries not addressed by any other intermediaries: advanced energy, flexible electronics and water technologies.


Nortech was founded by Jay Miller.



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