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Netrality Properties, also known as “Netrality Data Centers” is a private, non-traded, Real estate investment trust that invests in and operates network neutral data centers, also known as carrier hotels, and provides Internet connection, colocation and related services.

As of December 31, 2017, the company owned 6 operating data centers in 5 U.S. markets comprising 3.4 million square feet. The properties are in Chicago, Houston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.


Founded in 2012 by Jerry Marshall and Josh Maes of Amerimar Enterprises, Inc., the company was re-branded as Netrality Properties in 2015.The company promoted its business model as differentiated from its competitors due to the core principle that it owned all of its data center properties. It has promoted the strategic customer advantages it can offer through its strict adherence to the ownership model of core interconnection data center properties. The firm also focused on expanding through acquisition of existing network traffic exchange points. These fiber-dense, interconnection rich locations allowed the company to leverage the “network effect” of the existing customer base to grow the Netrality business.In April 2017, the company announced it had closed on a $325 million debt financing that rated the company’s debt as Investment Grade, a strong endorsement of the business. Since 2017, Netrality has been ranked among the top 10 data center operators in North America on Cloudscene’s Leaderboard, chosen from a pool of more than 6,000 providers.


In October 2012, Netrality acquired a data center building at 1102 Grand Ave in Kansas City, Missouri. The 26-story, 194,000-square-foot property is the leading network-neutral data center and interconnection facility in Kansas City.

In March 2014, Netrality acquired 401 North Broad in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 11-story, 1.3 million-square-foot property—originally known as the Terminal Commerce Building—now serves as one of the largest interconnection and colocation facilities on the east coast of the United States. As a major junction for the north-south domestic fiber routes on the east coast. 401 North Broad provides long-term stability and premier data center services for its customers. The property is considered the most fiber-dense, network neutral facility between New York and Virginia.

In October 2014, Netrality acquired 717 South Wells in Chicago, Illinois. Located in the South Loop of Chicago, 717 South Wells is a gateway to the local fiber backbone in Chicago as well as a primary access point for long-haul fiber in the region.

In February 2015, Netrality purchased 1301 Fannin in Houston, Texas. Houston is a critical location for network operators due to its proximity and direct network access to Mexico. 1301 Fannin lies in the center of the city’s business district and has extensive long-haul carrier presence and interconnection infrastructure. Netrality received positive press coverage in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 after its customers experienced uninterrupted service through the historic storm.In July 2016, Netrality purchased 900 Walnut and 210 North Tucker in St. Louis, Missouri, from Digital Realty Trust and in a related transaction, Netrality purchased an operating business located at 210 North Tucker from 365 Data Centers. The 100,000-square-foot building at 900 Walnut and 400,000-square-foot building at 210 North Tucker comprise a mid-western network hub, interconnected by a fiber-optic loop that runs through the city and a direct network link between the two buildings.

St. Louis is a key interconnection point for carriers, service providers, and enterprise customers in the region.





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