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Minim is a Manchester, New Hampshire-based communications company developing software-based communications products including WiFi products.

Minim is a developer of an IoT-based security platform intended to protect connected devices and improve Wifi performance in homes. The company's platform fingerprints connected devices on home networks and dynamically develops a behavioral model of communications, to protect connected devices and optimize WiFi performance.

Zoom Telephonics and Minim Inc merge

In November 2020, Zoom Telephonics and Minim Inc entered a merger agreement for Zoom Telephonics to acquire Minim in a non-cash stock transaction, which valued Minim at $30 million. Per the agreement, Zoom Telephonics rebranded under the Minim name. The combined company brought together Zoom Telephonics product category of internet access products under the Motorola brand with Minim's platform of WiFi management solutions, including the company's IoT fingerprinting technology and 5G capable hardware and technology. The merger also saw a combining of Zoom Telephonics retail channels— which include retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart—with Minim's B2B sales channels.


The Minim platform is an artificial intelligence-driven WiFi management and security platform designed for use in homes or for network operators and in IoT deployments. The platform combines IoT fingerprinting, what the company calls a security blanket, a management service, APIs for subscribers or operators, and related cloud services. Minim suggests the platform is capable of integration into existing apps, routers, and systems, with APIs to help users set the network standards. The platform also uses artificial intelligence for proprietary IoT fingerprinting to secure a network and learn to autotune the network based on device and user needs. And the platform includes network-level threat protection services in order to safeguard vulnerable devices.

Internet service providers

Minim offers services and products for internet service providers (ISPs) including the company's Care Portal which offers ISPs a chance for ISPs to help solve customer issues, including SSID, router settings, speed tests, and security problems. The company suggests these products also offer ISPs a chance to give customers a chance to manage their networks through the company's mobile application. And offers advanced WiFi features for customers.

Access points

Minim offers access point technologies for businesses looking to offer flexible working solutions, including remote work and work-from-home scenarios. The platform offers AI-driven behavioral analysis to manage and secure things in offices and allows users to connect through the Minim cloud and VPNs to control and manage who is connected to a specific network. The platform includes a mobile application to help users setup and connect to the network, and offers options for optimizing and customizing the user's network.

Example of Minim's access point systems for users and corporations.

MotoManage is a mesh WiFi system offered by Minim through the Motorola brand. The solution includes a Motorola router with satellites to help extend the network's range and stability. As well, the solution includes a mobile application to allow users basic control of their network, satellites, and connected devices.


Minim's different solutions include internet access solutions and products. These include the following:

The Zoom ZM.1
  • Zoom's ZM.1 mesh WiFi system
  • Motorola branded WiFi access point, offering gateways and mesh WiFi services
  • Multi-device capacity systems, using licensed products to offer streaming without compromising network speed or quality
  • Enterprise-level access points for networks, offering configurability and enterprise level security at what Minim calls consumer-grade prices


March 11, 2021
In first quarterly report, Minim sees $13.7m in net revenue

The company, which sells its products under the Motorola brand, said that, for the year, it had $48 million in net revenue, a 28% increase from 2019, which was before the Minim's December 2020 merger with Zoom Telephonics.

January 21, 2021
Minim launches a free remote work technology assessment called the Minim®
December 7, 2020
Zoom Telephonics completes merger and rebrands as Minim.
November 13, 2020
Zoom, a developer of cable modems and other internet access products under the Motorola brand, announces the signing of a definitive merger agreement pursuant to which Zoom will acquire Minim Inc.
April 2018
Minim raises a $2,500,000 seed round from Flybridge Capital Partners and Founder Collective.

Funding Rounds


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November 14, 2020


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