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Maxitech Group is a San Francisco based product development arm of the Turkish bank Isbank.

Maxitech Group is a San Francisco based product development arm of the Turkish bank Isbank. The Group fuels development in the financial services, financial technology, retail technology, blockchain, quantum computing and process optimization sectors by bridging leading-edge technology and time-tested superior customer experience. Maxitech Group scouts out, partners with, and invests in companies to bring innovative banking products to the global market, enhancing the commercial and consumer banking user experience.

Maxitech offers a team with more than 12 years of experience developing software and leading projects for Turkey's Isbank, delivering work on time, on budget and to specification. As a division of Isbank, Maxitech's team works to develop new products for Isbank in the financial markets.

In 2020, Maxitech was amongst a growing number of fintech oriented product development groups and accelerators that include companies like Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs, BBVA Innovation Accelerator Program, Barclays Accelerator, Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator, BNY Mellon Innovation Center, SixThirty, and Plug and Pay Fintech.


Maxitech's products include Rally, a development framework to accelerate the digital transformation of banking operations, including services and tools to help the development of microservice based banking systems. And Next-Generation Container Loading Coordination, which is powered by GullsEye, and provides faster ship turns and lower terminal handling costs.

Maxitech Labs

Through Maxitech Labs — which uses lean product development methodologies to research and build products in a range of industries — they are developing an app called Lunafi, which hopes to help freelancers manage budgets, track expenses and save.


Maxitech was founded by Burak Arik.


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