Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov is an international entrepreneur in the information and space technology sector with a doctorate in international economics. He is a managing partner in the Noosphere Ventures investment fund, and founder of several international companies, such as Firefly Aerospace, EOS DA, SETS, Renatus, Maxpay, etc.

Business activity & entrepreneurship
World views & principles

Max Polyakov supports academician Volodymyr Vernadsky's theory about the biosphere, according to which the next stage in its evolution is the noosphere. The noosphere is based on the creative interaction between human and nature. It believes that it is the main driving factor in the development of the planet, as well as for the preservation and rejuvenation of its resources. These are the principles Max Polyakov’s social and business activities are focused on.

2001 — Max Polyakov founded an outsourcing project AlarIt Ukraine, which develops software for customers from the USA, Canada, and Europe.

2002 - 2003 — creates several IT companies: Hit Dynamics, Maxymiser, and EasyDate (later Cupid Plc).

2010 — Max Polyakov brings Cupid Plc to the IPO of the London Stock Exchange.

2011 — Polyakov becomes co-owner of Murka corporate network, developing social casino games.

2012 — Max Polyakov founds Renatus Media. This company targets post-Soviet countries like Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

2014 Polyakov becomes a general partner in Noosphere Ventures Partners LP (N.V.P.) investment fund, USA. This fund supports the digital economy, engineering, and space technology startups.

2015 – Max Polyakov and NVP found a company EOS DA, which creates tools for processing and analyzing satellite data, combined into a single cloud platform.

2016 —Polyakov becomes a co-owner for GDM Group Holding Limited.


2011 — Polyakov receives postgraduate degree from Dnіpropetrovsk National University, Ukraine.

2013 — Polyakov receives a Ph.D. in international economics for his thesis "Development paradigm model for IT-technologies in the world economy and forms of its implementation."

Polyakov wrote 20 scientific articles and monographs and was Professor Igor Khanin's co-author in a number of scientific and philosophical works on semiotics, noospherology, and economic innovation. Max Polyakov has about a dozen cooperative patents in the United States, including a patent for a Unified Identification System, which allows systematizing and controlling personal data.

2019 — Polyakov receives a doctorate in Economic Sciences.

Social activities

Max Polyakov is the founder of the non-profit public organization Association Noosphere, which supports social initiatives.

2015 — Polyakov initiates annual international engineering startup competition called Vernadsky Challenge. Winners of this competition receive grants for the development of their projects and expert support from leading international companies.

The first in Ukraine European Championship in the rocket-modeling sport took place with Polyakov and Noosphere's support. FAI (World Federation of Aeronautics) overseas this event. Specifically for this championship NES students have developed a new competition score system — Cup Navigator, which was personally approved by FAI President.


2009 — The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Scotland.

2017 — Polyakov was awarded the title of Honorary Member of FAI for his significant contribution to air sports and modernization of systems for calculating competition results.

2019 – the All-Ukrainian National Prize "Person of the Year" in the nomination "For Contribution to the Development of Space Industry of Ukraine."


One of his hobbies is collecting iron sculptures created at Kasli Art Casting Plant. His collection has more than a hundred unusual figures. One of them, "The Young Dreamer," became an inspiration for the Noosphere logo.


Polyakov and Noosphere Ventures acquired American space startup Firefly Space Systems from a rocket engineer Tom Markusic, who had previously worked at Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpaceX.
Polyakov created EOS DATA Analytics with offices in the United States and Ukraine. The project develops and implements a cloud platform for processing and analyzing satellite data.
Max Polyakov founded financial company Maxpay.
Max Polyakov created Renatus – a company to publish social and mobile games. The project first developed software for the post-Soviet countries but later began to publish products for Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon and Facebook.
The partners sold their project HitDynamics to British business analyst company Hitwise. Later, in 2015, another project, Maxymiser, was bought by the American corporation Oracle.
Polyakov, in partnership with a foreign investor from the United Kingdom, Bill Dobby, founded the IDE Group with its head office in Edinburgh. The business group included such projects as EasyDate (renamed Cupid plc in 2010), Murka, HitDynamics, Maxymiser.
June 30, 1977
Max Polyakov was born in Ukraine.



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