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Learning Equality

Learning Equality

Learning Equality is an educational technology company offering an open-source educational platform enhanced with artificial intelligence. The company was founded by Alexandre, Richard Tibbles, and Elizabeth Vu and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Learning Equality is a company provides an online open-source educational platform enhanced with artificial intelligence. The company is based in San Diego, California and was founded by Jamie Alexandre, Richard Tibbles, and Elizabeth Vu in 2013.


Kolibri is Learning Equality's open-source platform that makes digital educational materials available to students without internet access in low-resource communities such as rural schools, refugee camps, orphanages, non-formal school systems, and prison systems.

Installation and Working
  1. Kolibri installers, updates, and content can be downloaded to a device in an area that has an Internet connection .
  2. That "seeded" device can then share new content and updates with other devices over an offline local network.
  3. A device can be carried by foot to share installers, updates, and content with other devices over local networks.

Kolibri uses a video compression technique that converts pen strokes and objects in a blackboard-style video into scalable vector objects. Kolibri comes with tools such as a coach dashboard, exam creation, exercises, assignment of content for differentiated instruction, and a recommendation tool that displays steps based on a learner's history, progress, and goals.Devices running Kolibri can directly connect with each other over a local Wi-Fi network.

Kolibri Studio

Kolibri Studio is a cloud-based platform that gives users control over the organization of their educational material. Users can also bundle, tag, differentiate, re-order, and distribute their content offline as custom channels. The platform also offers pre-organized libraries of open educational resources.


July 22, 2013
Founding of Learning Equality
Learning Equality was founded by Elizabeth Vu, Jamie Alexandre and Richard Tibbles.


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