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Kairos (company)

Kairos (company)

Facial recognition company Kairos today announced the alpha release of the Kairos Protocol, a biometric verification system for cryptocurrency transactions.

Visual technologies are any technologies that capture, analyze, filter, display and distribute captured data to consumers or businesses. This is usually done using computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The number of built-in cameras that are used in smartphones, checkpoints, crowded places is growing from year to year. The presence of cameras has become the norm for everyday life. However, in the field of receiving, processing and further use of the information received from the cameras, there is a huge space for using the footage. It is in this direction that Kairos is going to work.

So, Kairos is an artificial intelligence system aimed at face recognition. Thanks to computer vision and machine learning, Kairos can recognize faces in videos (thanks to sequential storyboarding), in photographs and in the real world, which allows the data to be used for the needs of the end consumer or business. For example, you can collect real-time unique data about people when interacting with a product, company, brand, or a particular type of service.

Kairos software analyzes any image or frame of a video file from most usb / ip cameras for the presence of faces (Face Detection function). 49 unique points on the face are measured and the software can determine from them:

● Face Identification - the answer to the question "Who is this?"

● Face Verification - the answer to the question "Is this the one we need?"

● Emotion Detection - emotions: joy, anger, disgust, fear, surprise, longing ...

● Age Detection - Detection of the age group: child, teenager/student, adult or elderly.

● Gender Detection - gender identity.

● Multi-face Detection - detection of people, crowds, a whole group of faces.

Attention Measurement - measurement of people's attention (eyes, attentiveness, distraction, blinking).

● Facial Features - facial features: search for eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, etc.

● Sentimental Detection - Detection of a person's mood - positive, negative or neutral.

● Face Grouping - Face grouping for easy search and matching.

● Ethnicity Detection - ethnicity.

The Kairos software will be delivered as an API and SDK that any developer can integrate to suit their needs. If the computer understands what kind of person it is and how it feels in this situation, incredible ideas can be implemented by companies in various industries. (detection of drowsiness in truckers, assessment of the emotions of people who take cars for a test drive, search for people on cameras, assessment of the emotions of people in amusement parks, restaurants, cafes ...). In 2018, an article was published in which an iOS developer applied the Kairos API for face recognition in the iPhone X. it is quite possible that in the future there will be a partnership with Apple, which will give such features as opening a different desktop depending on your mood, a selection of tracks or a playlist, and much more. Imagination has room to roam!


November 27, 2013
Kairos raises a $500,000 seed round from Christopher Alden and Neil Shah.

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