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Harvest Exchange

Harvest Exchange

Harvest Exchange is a community-based platform for investors founded by Andrew Parmentier.

Harvest is a financial technology company founded in 2012. Harvest focuses on aligning the interests of financial services firms and their clients by optimizing for relevance, efficiency and transparency. Harvest is also a community-based platform for Investors. It helps investors stay connected by providing a medium for sharing and interacting with financial insights.

Harvest Exchange is a Security and Exchange Commission-compliant communication marketplace for financial advisors, investors, venture capitalists, students, and others in the financial sector to connect, communicate, and share expertise and information. The artificial intelligence-driven platform provides a space where hedge funds and asset management firms publish their commentary and research. This data can then assist institutional investors, advisors, and other investors to access the insight relevant to them.


Harvest Exchange was founded in 2012 by Peter Hans, Andrew Parmentier, and Mike Perrone, and is formerly known as Eighteen Acres, LLC. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with an office in New York City.Harvest Exchange began as a free social platform where money managers and finance sector professionals interactively shared their knowledge, ideas, and opinions about investments. Hans previously worked on Wall Street for 15 years as a trader and in institutional sales.In 2017, Harvest Exchange and Symphony Communication announced a partnership that introduced Harvest content into the Symphony platform. As of 2018, the firm has secured $12 million in Series A and B funding.

Harvest's A.I. powers a digital network platform that helps financial organizations distribute content to a targeted institutional and retail audience. Harvest's software analyzes and learns from proprietary behavioral data points every month.

The Harvest platform allows the users to create their own page and start following the insights and firms that are most relevant to them. It lets the users keep in touch by receiving daily updates and notifications on desired topics.

Harvest also provides Creative Services that guide businesses from Brand Awareness through Prospect Nurturing, to help attract prospects and earn leads on the Harvest digital platform.



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