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Flex Logix

Flex Logix

Company developing and licensing Neural Inferencing Semiconductor IP/Software and embedded FPGA hard IP and software for reconfigurable RTL in SOCs, MCUs and other ICs

Flex Logix is a California based technology company which develops and licenses programmable semiconductor IP cores and software solutions. The company claims their technology allows smaller, faster, cheaper, and use less power than traditional Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA). The company offers its solutions for aerospace and government agencies in the United States, China, Israel, and other parts of Europe and Asia.


Flex Logix provides companies to use their embedded FPGA (eFPGA) for a licensing fee. The technology enables chips to reconfigure themselves to offer a range of functionalities, from rich graphics and rendering to powerful computer vision. The eFPGA is based on EFLX 4K tile available in two versions: all logic EFLX 4K Logix and mostly logic with some MACs (multiply-accumulators) EFLX 4K DSP. The programmable logic is called LUTs (Look Up Tables) which implements Boolean functions. The EFLX 4K Logix has 4000 LUT4 equivalents, and EFLX 4K DSP has 3000 LUT4s and 40 MACs.

Flex Logix uses a patented XFLX, ArrayLinx, and RAMLinx interconnect networks which uses less area than traditional interconnect networks with only 5-7 metal routing layers.

Flex Logix launched its inference co-processor “Infer X1” chip design for edge AI processing in April 2019. Based on the company’s interconnect technology, it combines the eFPGA tech with inference-optimized nnMAX clusters. The company claims that the chip can perform no less than 8.5 trillion computing operations per second at peak speed. The applications for this technology include devices like surveillance cameras, gateways, robotics, GPU, and set-top boxes.


Geoff Tate founded the company in 2014 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Geoff Tate helped create a chip company called Rambus whos technology is in every DRAM memory part that ships today. Geoff was introduced to Professor Dejan Markovic and Ph.D. students Cheng Wang, Fang-Li Yuan at UCLA in 2014 who were developing a better way to build FPGA. Together they created Flex Logix.


March 22, 2021
Flex Logix raises a $55,000,000 series D round.
May 2017
Flex Logix raises a $5,000,000 series B round from Eclipse Ventures, Lux Capital Management and Tate Family Trust.

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