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Financial Times

Financial Times

The Financial Times is a UK-based business news organization that is printed internationally and provides news, comments, data, and analysis for the global business community.


The Financial Times was originally published in 1888 in London; it was a daily newspaper that focused exclusively on financial news. Today, it it is an internationally printed newspaper and online news source. The FT covers all topics, though it is still primarily focused and esteemed for its coverage of business and finance, as well as its editorial outlook. Since the 1890s, the newspaper has been identifiable by its distinctive pink paper, a design element that remains on the digital platform today. The Financial Times is currently available online through subscription and features a USA Edition, UK Edition, Middle East Edition, European Edition, and Asian Edition.

The Financial Times employs more than 2,300 people, including employment of 700 journalist in forty different countries. The Financial Times not only functions as a newspaper, but has also evolved to offer a wide range of personal and commercial services.

The Financial Times has been recognized for its dependability on financial news and its independent editorial views, and slogans throughout the years have reflected these values. Their original 1988 motto, "Without fear, without favor," is still featured on the page. While the famed "No FT, no comment" slogan introduced by Ogilvy & Mather in 1982, was replaced in 2007 by their current slogan "We live in Financial Times".

The Financial Times Group

The Financial Times, FT Specialist, Alpha Grid, FT Chinese, Longitude and Headspring make up the Financial Times Group. The FT group provides services in branding, marketing, consulting, education and specialized research. The Financial Times Group is currently owned by the Japanese media company Nikkei.


The FT's operating profit was 25 million pounds ($33 million) in 2018 and operating revenue was 383 million.
The FT Group is purchased by Japanese media company Nikkei
For pay features and subscriptions for The Financial Times are introduced online.
The FT's website makes it debut.
The Financial Times starts publishing the lifestyle magazine "How to Spend It."
October 16, 1957
A controlling stake in the Financial Times is purchased by the company Pearson.
The Financial Times absorbs Financial News, its top competitor at the time.
October 16, 1919
The Berry Brothers, who already own the Sunday Times, acquire the Financial Times.
The Financial Times is founded by James Sheridan and his brother.


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