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Figment is a blockchain infrastructure and software provider.

Figment is a company offering staking, middleware, and application layer solutions to Web3 investors and developers.The company provides a set of tools and services, including the node and staking infrastructure, the Hubble Web3 explorer, and DataHub developer APIs.


Figment provides infrastructure access to proof-of-stake blockchains operating by the transaction validation referred to as staking. Users are required to lock up cryptocurrency tokens when they stake them as proof of their stake in the blockchain's security. Users get token rewards when blocks are included to the chain.

DataHub is a platform by Figment. It allows developers to launch their own DApps for PoS blockchains. It offers an application programming interface that developers can use to build for dapps, analytics, crypto wallets, including exchanges, custody needs as well as design block explorers. Figment launched an investment arm called Figment Capital, and its focus will be on investing in the crypto industry.

Clayton Menzel, head of protocols and opportunities at Figment, said in an interview:

"The majority of our staking revenue comes from our institutional clients, with some earning from retail delegators as well since a lot of our validators are public. We do stake tokens that are on our balance sheet, but it is nowhere near the majority of our revenue."


December 20, 2021
Figment raises a $110,000,000 series C round from AppWorks, Atreides Management, Avon Ventures, B Capital Group, Binance Labs, Bitstamp, BlockFi, Bonfire Ventures, CMS Holdings, Chaos Ventures, Counterpoint Global, DTCP, Declaration Partners, Franklin Templeton Investments, HOF Capital, Hazoor Capital, Irongrey, Liberty City Ventures, Mirae Asset Global Investments, Morgan Stanley, Notion, ParaFi Capital, Quiet Capital, Raptor Group, Senator Investment Group, StarkWare, Thoma Bravo, Two Sigma Investments, Voyager Digital, Wicklow Capital and Willoughby Capital.
August 2021
Figment raises a $50,000,000 series B round from 10T Holdings, 40 North Ventures, Anchorage Digital, Bonfire Ventures, Declaration Partners, Finality Capital Partners, GFT Ventures, GSR Ventures Management, Galaxy Digital Ventures, Hard Yaka, JPK Capital, Liberty City Ventures and Senator Investor Group.
October 2020
Figment raises a $2,500,000 seed round from BKCM LLC, Bonfire Ventures, FJ Labs, Lemniscap and XDL Capital Group.
February 2019
Figment raises a $1,560,000 seed round from Bonfire Ventures, FJ Labs, Lemniscap and XDL Capital Group.
June 2018
Figment raises a $1,000,000 pre-Seed.

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