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Mythos Capital

Mythos Capital

Mythos Capital is an investment company that invests in crypto assets and services crypto networks.

Founded in 2017 by Ryan Sean Adams, Mythos Capital invests in crypto assets and services crypto networks. Its investments are funded through a private fund. The company typically seeks long-term investments in crypto assets and networks that show high-growth potential. Most of Mythos Capital's assets remain liquid, allowing its portfolio to be adjusted as needed.

Investment approach

Mythos Capital takes an active approach to its investments through network governance and asset leverage. This involves taking steps like staking assets to secure the network, voting, producing blocks, or providing compute resources. In return, Mythos receives protocol rewards, which increase its investment returns and the health of the networks it governs. Mythos uses its own infrastructure to service these networks, which it provides to both its private investment fund and to other crypto asset investors through its staking-as-a-service provider, Mythos Services.

Cosmos validator

In April 2018, Mythos announced the launch of a validator service for the Cosmos network for individuals and funds to stake Atoms via the Cosmos Wallet and receive block rewards. The validator service includes 24/7 support for VIP delegates, enterprise-grade infrastructure, security audited by a third-party, and Stakers Bulletins that provide insight into issues affecting Atoms. Large holders (over 100,000 Atoms) receive priority service from Mythos, which manages large holdings and protects against slashing.

Loom validator

Mythos Capital launched a validator for Loom in February 2019 that allows users to stake LOOM tokens using an Ethereum wallet. It uses Loom's PlasmaChain testnet to validate the performance and security of the network.


February 2019
Mythos Capital launches its Loom validator.
April 2018
Mythos Capital launches its validator for the Cosmos network.
Mythos Capital is founded by Ryan Sean Adams.


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April 7, 2020


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