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EverString Technology

EverString Technology

EverString delivers AI-enabled solutions for marketing professionals.

EverString is a company that delivers data-driven and AI-enabled solutions for B2B sales and marketing professionals. EverString uses machine learning, natural language processing and massive-scale data to deliver real-time results for lead acquisition and qualification.

Vincent Yang and J.J. Kardwell launched EverString in 2014, shortly after which the EverString Audience Platform was released. EverString's data platform is fully automated and employs a mixture of AI and humans to discover, clean, and operationalize B2B data for itself.


EverString provides solutions for marketers, sales, and advanced analytics.

For Marketers

EverString Audience Platform helps marketing and operations teams identify target accounts and prospects in-market. It offers searching companies by domains, keywords or other criteria and adding them to databases. The platforms allows creation of predictive models using closed-won deals to build ABM lists, and utilization of predictive models to prioritize databases at a global or hyper-segmented level.

For Sales

EverString Sales Intelligence Panel and Reports integrates with any sales CRM to streamline a team’s entire sales cycles. After reports are run in the CRM with EverString's custom Fit Score and Intent fields, a list of high-fit accounts for that product is created.

For Advanced Analytics

Everstring API gives access to their data cloud, AI, and machine learning component as a micro-service. The APIs include: discovery of similar companies , machine learning-generated keywords , industry classification , and firmographics.


October 13, 2015
EverString Technology raises a $65,000,000 series B round from DHVC, IDG Ventures, Lakestar, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital.
August 12, 2014
EverString Technology raises a $12,000,000 series A round from CRCM Ventures, DHVC, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Microsoft Accelerator, Sequoia Capital and ZhenFund.
January 1, 2013
EverString Technology raises a $1,700,000 seed round from China Rock Capital, Sequoia Capital China and ZhenFund.
EverString Technology was founded by J.J. Kardwell and Vincent Yang.

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