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EVEN Financial

EVEN Financial offers a B2B2C API to help connect financial institutions to consumers, and connect consumers to personalized financial products.

Founded in 2015 by current CEP Phillip Rosen, Even Financial offers a B2B2C API for financial services search. Even operates as a digital marketplace where financial services companies can target their financial products to specific users.

They use machine learning to analyze data from lenders, third parties and customers to predict what offers customers will respond to and qualify for. And, for financial institutions, they've developed an engine to handle vetting, preapproval, and regulatory compliance thereby streamlining the process. Even believes their system cuts down on defaults and charge-offs as well.

For their partner sites, a customer browsing the site will be matched directly through digital marketing and, when clicking on a product, the customer is not sent to a marketing site but instead to the products digital onboarding page. This allows financial institutions to add more customers than traditional marketing would.

For consumers, Even Financial, whether they know it is there or not, allows them to compare financial products and find products that match their needs. And with Even Financial working with the financial institutions, customers can be approved faster than they traditionally would.

Seed Round

In March, 2015, Even finished their seed round with $2.8 million raised. Canaan Partners led the round with Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Ron Suber, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Conversion Capital, Social Leverage, 555 Capital and Jon Kelfer participating.

Series A

Even Financial concluded their Series A in February 2018 with $3 million raised. American Express Ventures led the round, which included investment from Plug & Play and Arab Angels.

In a second Series A, held August 2018, Even Financial raised $18.8 million. GreatPoint Ventures led the round. Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments, Canaan Partners, F-Prime Capital, Lerer Hippeau, Jacob Gibson and Jason Owen participated in the round.

Corporate Round

In September 2019, Even Financial raised $25 million. The round was led by Citi Ventures and MassMutual Ventures. Participation included LendingClub, American Express Ventures, Canaan Partners, F-Prime Capital, GreatPoint Ventures and Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments.


February 22, 2022
Haven Life's All-Digital Life Insurance Application Experience Launches on Even Financial's Leading Life Insurance Search Engine | Even Financial
February 22, 2022
Yahoo! Finance: Even Financial Reaches $3 Billion In Credit Issued Milestone | Even Financial
February 22, 2022
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September 4, 2019
Even Financial Announces Strategic Investments from Citi Ventures, MassMutual Ventures, and LendingClub

Even Financial ("Even"), the leading API for financial services search, acquisition, and monetization, announced today that it has raised a $25 million strategic round of investment led by Citi Ventures.

August 1, 2019
Even Financial ("Even"), the leading API for financial services search, acquisition, and monetization, announced today that Chris Scott has joined the firm as Chief Revenue Officer.
August 2018
EVEN Financial raises a $18,800,000 series A round from Canaan Partners, F-Prime Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs and GreatPoint Ventures.

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