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Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures is a seed-stage investment fund based in Brooklyn, NY founded in 2012 by Charlie O'Donnell.

Company Overview

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures is a seed stage investor. Brooklyn Bridge Ventures looks to leverage communities of technologists, designers, entrepreneurs to help the companies that it invests in.


Brooklyn Bridge Ventures was founded in 2012 by Charlie O'Donnell and is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures has raised a total of $23.3M across 2 funds, their latest being Brooklyn Bridge Ventures Fund II, LP. This fund was announced on Aug 22, 2016, and raised a total of $15M.

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures manages $23 million across two funds, leading or co-leading investments of around $350,000 in New York City companies that have yet to raise $750,000 in prior rounds. BBV is the first venture capital fund based in Brooklyn, NY. Conversations often start pre-product and pre-deck. The fund invests in a wide variety of sectors.


Brooklyn Bridge Ventures has made 44 investments. One of those investments was on Jun 12, 2018, when they invested $1.6M in Radformation. Brooklyn Bridge Ventures has had 5 exits, including Orchard Platform, AND CO, and Floored. Brooklyn Bridge Ventures has $9M in revenue annually and competes with Kalaari Capital, Naya Ventures, and Mercury Fund.

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures is a venture capital firm specializing in startups, early stage, seed and pre-seed, and angel-stage investments. The firm typically invests in pre-revenue, pre-powerpoint, pre-business plan, pre-deck, and even pre-product. The firm typically invests in information technology companies and in all sectors except for anything that requires a scientist to understand like biotechnology, semiconductors, etc. The firm prefers to invest in companies based in the Greater Brooklyn Area including New York City, Manhattan, and its surrounding metropolis. It leads or co-leads investments ranging between $0.35 million and $0.40 million in rounds of at least $0.50 million in companies that have yet to raise $.075 million in prior rounds. It seeks to co-invest along with angel investors and early-stage funds.


June 12, 2018

$1.6M in

Bridge Ventures Fund II, LP


Brooklyn Bridge Ventures was founded by Charlie O'Donnell.

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