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DeFi Pulse is a site where you can find the latest analytics and rankings of DeFi protocols.

Neeva is a Defi token from the Ethereum network.DFIP is a solution for decentralized insurance products, with scales and tools required to provide safety, trust and liquidity and bring about positive global change. The DFIP token is the central connecting element in the DeFi Insurance ecosystem. Through DFIP, users can purchase insurance products built on the DeFi Insurance Protocol. DFIP uses blockchain technologies to replace conservative decision making system, that dominates in non-decentralized insurance companies.

Pulse Network (PULSE) - AI Healthcare Provider

The Pulse Network (PULSE) collects the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information and combines it with AI-enhanced expertise to provide the most advanced medical care equally for everyone.

The main goal of Pulse Network is to provide unrivaled accessibility to the most advanced medical care for everyone in the world. At Pulse, we understand that medical breakthroughs happen every day, but not everyone is the same. Knowledge and experience are the two main hurdles we hope to overcome for healthcare delivery to achieve the much needed transformation it deserves around the world.

Using blockchain and encryption technologies, we will develop a medical information platform. Pulse Network has always insisted that doctors, pharmacists, and even home healthcare providers do not have access to the very best medical information. To create a level playing field in the medical field, Pulse is working on the creation of a virtual laboratory. In this laboratory, all those working in the field of medicine will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience, even patients who seek help in diagnostics or pharmaceuticals.

Why blockchain?

With the advances made by blockchain technology over the years, it cannot be ignored as the technology of choice. The peculiarity of the blockchain is that it has been tested on several platforms and proved to be successful. With the healthcare delivery model we have, blockchain is the best choice to help reach the masses in need of healthcare in a secure and scalable manner.

Decentralization is one of the main characteristics of the blockchain that we are looking forward to. The decentralization of the healthcare sector ensures that patients receive unbiased information. In addition, physicians seeking consultation will receive first-hand information that will expand their knowledge base.

The blockchain technology that Pulse Network will use gives them access to advanced features compared to other platforms, such as security, authenticity, accessibility, and scalability. With credibility, one can be sure that the information they receive from the platform is unfiltered, credible, and provided by experienced medical practitioners.

The security features on the blockchain are unparalleled as patient records cannot be accessed by anyone without privileges. Likewise, people outside the platform cannot change them. Blockchain technology is a major enabler of our goals because it works 24/7 without interruption. Considering that providing healthcare is a never-ending endeavor, blockchain technology is the best fit here.

It is in everyone's interest that our platform continue to receive medical information. The scalability features offered by blockchain technology ensure that updates have room to grow in the future.

Polkadot's Edge as a multipurpose exchange

With the model we have, Polkadot's unrivaled compatibility is what makes us choose it. Polkadot allows all types of data and assets to be transferred between blockchains. Since our platform is information-based and will include information exchange elements, the ability to interoperate with other blockchains will come in handy. In addition, Polkadot focuses on keeping chains independent in their governance, but security is never compromised. As we move forward, we will get more benefits from the protocol, including how their user-driven network management will give us a say in who needs medical care around the world.

Patent no. 6117483 Apparatus for converting / transferring medical data and method for converting / transferring medical data

A device for converting and transmitting various formats of general medical data contained in electronic medical record information to a patient's medical information server. As a result, general medical data can be conveniently accumulated as general information even if the formats of individual electronic health records differ.

Patent no. 6177527 Drug Management Information System

A drug administrative information sharing system equipped with a feature that allows all physicians and pharmaceutical companies to share "only" drug information in coordination with the medical information system, keeping each record anonymous to protect personal information. Thus, this system allows physicians to access information about the latest pharmaceutical products, and pharmaceutical companies can easily accumulate drug usage data.

Patent no. 6177546 Medical information display system

A system to improve the convenience for patients and medical institutions, which allows viewing of medical information about patients not only by the patients themselves, but also by medical institutions other than those that patients visited in the past. As a result, patients' family physicians and large hospitals can share information about their medical history and provide more adequate treatment in a shorter time than at the first visit.

Patent no. 6356466 Medical Record Support System, Server Device, Hospital Terminal, Medical Record Entry Method, Hospital Device, and Medical Record Support Program

The system provides support for entering medical records using a user interface to facilitate the entry of medical records, as the relevant information appears on the screen when the doctor makes a choice there during a meeting with a patient. As a result, the support system significantly reduces the time it takes to enter a medical record.



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