D2L is a provider of elearning solutions founded by John Baker that uses the Brightspace learning management platform.

D2L uses Brightspace, a learning management system (LMS), to provide e-learning solutions for K-12 learners and institutions, as well as Higher Education and Corporate Learning environments. The company was founded by John Baker on April 20, 1999. D2L/The Brightspace system is compatible with all devices, available in both app and web-based formats.

Brightspace Core

Brightspace Core is a cloud-based LMS for "creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources". It contains tools for LDAP Authentication, single sign-on (SSO), standard SIS integration, APIs, custom content creation, automation, course conversion, disaster recovery, personalization, parent connections, portfolio-creation, and closed captions for video notes. Other features include data hubs (for administrators), progress dashboards (for instructors), badges and certificates (for student awards), an activity feed, learning paths, as well as options for self-enrollment.

Add-On Packages
Performance Plus

The Performance Plus add-on package includes analytic tools for administrators and educators, such as:

  • an Adoption Dashboard designed for educational administrators to see how Brightspace is being used
  • an Engagement Dashboard designed for educational advisors to identify at-risk and succeeding groups and individuals
  • an Assessment Quality Dashboard designed for "educators and instructional designers to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of quizzes and quiz questions"
  • an Adaptive Learning tool that "automatically links learning objectives, content, and quiz questions a teacher has already created for a topic or chapter" and presents content to assist in closing identified learning gaps
  • predictive analytics and integrated workflows
Engagement Plus

The Engagement Plus add-on package includes a course catalog for fully online supplemental learning opportunities as well as enhanced video capabilities. Features include:

  • Video library to teachers and students
  • Teachers can record or upload their own video and multimedia presentations
  • Catalog for online course registration, with options to collect registration fees
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Map creation tools
  • Awards "upon completion of map activities"

Other Information

Security Monitoring

D2L is partnered with Amazon Web Services for environmental security and, with real-time monitoring teams, uses a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). The Brightspace platform supports Single Sign On (SSO) and integration with various authentication solutions including Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, CAS and SAML. Client data is transferred securely through TLS cryptographic protocols with RSA encryption. The Brightspace application code is developed and tested following principles set out in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top Ten framework. System and client data are backed up on a regular basis using asynchronous encrypted data transfer to offsite storage.


August 13, 2014
D2L raises a $85,000,000 series B round from Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Four Rivers Group, Graham Holdings, New Enterprise Associates, OMERS Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank.

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D2L funding round, September 2012
September 4, 2012
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