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Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

Private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Shunyuan Zhang
September 17, 2021
Harvard Business Review
Airbnb built an algorithm to close the earnings gap between Black and white hosts. But Black hosts were significantly less likely to use it.
Oliver Milman in Pittsburgh
September 16, 2021
the Guardian
Wabtec shows off locomotive amid fresh attempt by some lawmakers to slash carbon emissions from rail transport
Science X staff
August 4, 2021
Democracy in ancient Athens looked quite different from democracies today. Instead of elections, most offices--including those in the legislature, governing councils, and magistrates--were filled by citizen volunteers, selected by random lottery. These citizens' assemblies drafted, debated, and passed laws; made major foreign policy decisions; and controlled military budgets.
Matt Burns
July 6, 2021
TechCrunch is known as the Steel City, but these days, the city is turning to startups rather than steel. Mayor Bill Peduto lead this charge since taking office in 2014. He recently spoke at TechCrunch's City Spotlight: Pittsburgh event, where he outlined the opportunity and challenges for entrepreneurs considering founding and running their companies in [...]
Brian Heater
July 2, 2021
For a brief moment, earlier this week, it seemed as though Pittsburgh might be the center of the tech universe. Just as Carnegie Mellon alum Duolingo was announcing its IPO. Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey were in town, as Vice President Kamala Harris paid a visit to the City of Bridges to talk infrastructure. [...]
Brian Heater
July 1, 2021
We're fresh off of our big Pittsburgh event, and I'll have more thoughts on that for you next week, once we've crawled through all of the interviews, published profiles and all of that fun stuff. t I admit that I'm also partly putting that off because there's just a ton of investment news to get [...]
Brian Heater
June 28, 2021
The math is simple: Great research universities beget great startups. Pittsburgh certainly has little want for the former, with two world-class research schools -- Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh - located in the city. The latter historically presented a challenge for Pittsburgh, as local startups often left for the greener (in the [...]
Ryan Noone
June 24, 2021
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, universities worldwide have been forced to reduce in-person interactions, altering how we connect and work with one another. The transition to a "virtual world" has been eye-opening, proving to many that research and innovation can continue, even in a remote setting.
Future FinTech Group Inc.
June 23, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Future FinTech Group Inc. (NASDAQ: FTFT) ("hereinafter referred to as "Future FinTech", "FTFT" or "the Company"), a leading blockchain-based...
June 9, 2021
SAN FRANCISCO (June 9, 2021) - Amira Learning, the first-of-its-kind voice AI-based reading tutor for students, has won the 2021 EdTech Breakthrough Award for Best Language Learning T ool of the Year. Amira's second consecutive year winning an EdTech Breakthrough Award comes after a school year that saw students, parents and teachers across the U.S. operate in remote learning environments, creating an even larger need for innovative technology to help students succeed. A mira...
Matt Burns
June 8, 2021
TechCrunch is thrilled to announce Carnegie Mellon University President Farnam Jahanian is speaking at our Pittsburgh event on June 29. You can register here. It's free to participate and hear President Farnam's interview. President Jahanian is an outspoken advocate for science and innovation, making him perfect to headline our event focused on startup activity in [...]
Suzanne Loo
June 2, 2021
As an indispensable part of the innovation ecology, BEYOND Global Investment Summit will gather global A-list VCs to build a network with innovation at its core and advance the development of businesses with the help of their expertise.
May 19, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Propella Therapeutics Inc. (Propella), a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative, best-in-class oncology drugs, today...
Jeff Elder
May 18, 2021
Business Insider
Exhausted employees are making mistakes that expose company data, and how employers address that insider risk can be a combustible managerial dilemma.
Science X staff
May 17, 2021
In order to address issues ranging from climate change to developing complex technologies and curing diseases, science relies on collective intelligence, or the ability of a group to work together and solve a range of problems that vary in complexity.
Kirsten Korosec
May 7, 2021
Long before the multi-million-dollar acquisitions and funding rounds pushed autonomous vehicles to the top of the hype cycle, Karl Iagnemma and Chris Urmson were researching and, later, developing the foundations of the technology. These pioneers, Iagnemma coming from MIT, Urmson from Carnegie Mellon University -- would eventually go on to launch their own autonomous vehicle [...]
Marion Renault
May 5, 2021
The engineers are in the kitchen, again.
Carnegie Mellon University
April 28, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Carnegie Mellon University and The Heinz Endowments today announced a sweeping initiative to leverage the university's internationally...
April 23, 2021
Rolls-Royce has launched a new cybersecurity research network with two of the leading universities in the field, focused on enhancing product security for platforms with the company's propulsion and power systems. Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Indiana, and Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have joined the Rolls-Royce Cybersecurity Technology Research Network and have already begun research projects. Carnegie Mellon and Purdue feature prominently in the field...
Lindsay Muscato
March 22, 2021
MIT Technology Review
The challenge will be convincing enough outliers to get vaccinated so that America can return to normality.
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