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RoadBotics is a Pittsburgh-based artificial intelligence company.


RoadBotics is an artificial intelligence company that strengthens communities to make objective, data-driven decisions about their roads and infrastructure. It automates inspections and generates actionable data about road networks. The company's technology uses machine vision and machine learning to identify road issues at a massive scale and offer simple, web-based tools for monitoring roads, planning road maintenance, and allowing municipalities to assess road conditions. RoadBotics also offers generated interactive maps with unbiased ratings and other tools to help communities assess their road conditions.

The Pittsburcompany was spun out of Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute in 2016 by Benjamin Schmidt, Christoph Mertz, Courtney Ehrlichman, and Mark DeSantis.


AgileMapper is RoadBotics solution for transforming visual infrastructure data into meaningful maps using artificial intelligence. These maps are developed to help users inventory assets and note their condition, monitor the progress of projects, and communicate with a municipal team. The platform is capable of using existing visual infrastructure asset data, including smartphone, GoPro, 360 camera, or drone footage, which can be uploaded to the platform. These images and videos can appear on the interactive map and are geo-tagged, time-stamped, and user-referenced.

Further, the platform uses artificial intelligence to develop a set of tags like traffic signs, manhole covers, and fire hydrants. These tags can be grouped and searched to help users find locations of the tags and even find photos or videos associated with specific keywords. The AgileMapper solution is built to be usable on mobile compute devices and mobile phones.


RoadBotics's RoadWay solution allows users to visualize and analyze roads with ratings generated by artificial intelligence. The solutions ratings are compiled and made available to users in a CSV file to allow it to be sorted and filtered to help users create pavement management strategies. As well, it allows for images to be taken of sections of road, complete with GIS location details and timestamp. Further, the RoadWay solution allows users to drive down the network with a Virtual Driver feature that offers views of street-adjacent assets and condition evaluations and confirm reports of road conditions, without a user needing to leave the office.


August 19, 2021
RoadBotics is named to 2020 BuiltWorld's Infrastructure Tech 50 List
May 5, 2021
New RoadBotics tool allows asset mapping via smartphone
March 1, 2021
RoadBotics releases interactive US City Roads Report featuring assessments of twenty different cities
July 2019
RoadBotics raises a $7,500,000 series A round from Hyperplane and Radical Ventures.
February 2019
RoadBotics raises a $125,000 seed round from Innovation Works.
November 2018
RoadBotics raises a $3,900,000 seed round.
May 2018
RoadBotics raises a $100,000 seed round from Innovation Works, Stout Street Capital, Urban Us and Wharton Alumni Angels.

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