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Carbon Analytics

Carbon Analytics

Carbon Analytics provides a SaaS platform solution designed to assess carbon emissions in companies' supply chains and generate actionable data that can be used to reduce emissions.


Carbon Analytics promotes the reduction of dependency on carbon by showing companies how their supply chains contribute to their carbon footprints. According to McKinsey, supply chains account for more than 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and more than 90% of the impact on air, land, water, biodiversity, and geological resources.

Carbon Analytics focuses chiefly on small and midsize companies but they also work with FTSE 500 enterprises, such as British Gas and Hitachi Capital. All of the company's systems and policies are vetted to ascertain that the requirements associated with larger enterprises are met. Carbon Analytics is a certified B Corporation with an overall B Impact Score of 95.8.

The Insight platform

The client's carbon footprint is analyzed by Insight, a cloud-based SaaS platform that executes an algorithmic evaluation of existing accounting data and environmental statistics, which also generates reports for compliance (e.g. ESOS, BCorp Assessment). Carbon Analytics claims that the analysis results are communicated in a straightforward way that can be actionably interpreted by non-experts.

Every spending data (utility bills, shipping costs, etc.) is benchmarked and linked to CO2 emissions. The assessed data is then presented in a visually-augmented manner and avenues for improvements are suggested; such as switching to green energy, purchasing carbon offsets, or making alterations in the supply chain. The platform also features marketplace functionality, where low-carbon solutions may be browsed. Additionally, companies may obtain certifications attesting to their carbon-offsetting efforts.

Carbon Analytics aims to deliver actionable reporting with results in reducing the carbon footprint that can compete with those acquired through expensive consultancy services and corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals, providing smaller, resource-constrained companies with access to an equivalent of a service normally available to large enterprises.

One of Carbon Analytics' clients, an engineering company with a turnover of approx. $13,000,000, managed to reduce 4% of its carbon footprint (almost 2000 tons of CO2-equivalent emissions) by switching from cement (a significant source of CO2 in the company's operations) to an eco-cement product after the cement supplier's disproportionately large carbon emission had been identified by the Insight platform.

Business model

Carbon Analytics offers its platform via an annual subscription service, with price and features differing depending on business scale and opted plan. A discount of £360 per year is offered to startup businesses with a revenue of less than £250,000. Additionally, the company benefits from commissions on green initiatives ensuing from their analysis service, which can be availed once free of charge.



£720 per year

£1750 per year

£7500 per year

10% discount for suppliers

10% discount for suppliers

Subscription referral discount:

3 = 10%

5 = 15%

20% discount for suppliers

Full portfolio management

Basic reports

Full online access to reports

Full online access to reports Custom summary

Recommendation report from the Carbon Analytics team

For businesses with revenue up to £500,000

Suitable for most businesses

Suitable for complex businesses with over 250 employees or revenue exceeding £36m

Self service and email support

Assisted onboarding, phone and email support

Fully assisted, including importing prior data

Dedicated team liaison and support

Carbon Analytics launched with a focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom, but a spokesperson for the company stated that it sees potential for expansion in the United States, particularly in California on account of the state's progressive legislation to reduce carbon emissions, and that it is driven toward operating globally in the future.

Three other key markets lie within Carbon Analytics' scope: the UK’s largest companies that actively report their greenhouse gas emissions, the suppliers to the UK’s largest companies, and low carbon suppliers with limited marketing means.


Carbon Analytics participated in the Oxygen Accelerator 10/01/13 cohort and raised an estimated $32,000. Investors also include EIT Digital Accelerator, EASME (EU Executive Agency for SMEs), and MassChallenge, bringing the funding total to approximately $106,200.


In June 2018, Carbon Analytics partnered with Provenance to develop a blockchain-based solution that enables businesses to measure their carbon footprint, set commitments, and communicate their progress.


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