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Calo Metaverse

Calo Metaverse

Calo Metaverse is a fitness and health application based on blockchain technology.

Calo is a platform that encourages users to participate in sporting/outdoor activities. Players can participate in movement and challenges and utilize the energy received from their workout activities to earn $CALO, $FIT, and NFT rewards.


The Calo Metaverse consists of the NFT Sneakers system and physical activity-related gameplay in which users earn $FIT and $CALO tokens through daily activities, such as walking, running, and other training. Players can mint sneakers, when a player uses two sneakers they already own as a blueprint to "breed," resulting in the creation of a Shoebox. They can also trade and upgrade their sneakers on the marketplace.

There are two modes to gameplay—single and challenge modes. In single mode, users equip themselves with an NFT sneaker and begin the game by moving. In challenge mode, players can enter weekly and monthly challenges.


The $CALO token is the major currency and management token used in the Calo ecosystem and is a blockchain-based, limited-supply cryptocurrency. Players can utilize the $CALO token to purchase tickets for challenges and competitions. it can also be used to make different transactions on the marketplace, including purchasing and selling gaming NFTs. Players receive rewards upon the completion of challenges, and they can be used for governance as token holders. Brands can use the $CALO to create challenges for users.


The $FIT token can be earned by performing physical activities and finishing daily tasks. Beginning with running and walking, players move and receive $FIT to continue participating in the next activities on the app.



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