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At Branch, we believe the app install, sharing, and viewing experience should be seamless and not Brea, Californiak at the app store. We solve this with a platform that powers deep links that point back to your apps for shares, invites, referrals, and more. Branch makes it incredibly simple to create powerful deep links that can pass data across app install, making the entire app experience better. Our goal is to make every app experience frictionless, and to fundamentally change the way people interact with mobile apps today. Branch provides the most complete deep linking solution for brands to create optimized mobile user experiences that drive app growth and conversions, as well as user engagement and retention. With Branch, app content becomes searchable, discoverable, shareable, and easily integrated into core marketing channels like email, SEO, social media, and paid ads. Branch's powerful deep linking technology automatically incorporates the most valuable user experience, the native app, across all traditional marketing campaigns. Branch powers deep links and cross-platform attribution for more than 30,000 brands and 1.5 billion users across the globe. Brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Bing, Pinterest, Reddit, Slack, Starbucks, Target, Tinder, and Yelp rely on Branch deep links to ensure seamless and frictionless experiences across every channel and platform.

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February 2022
Branch raises a $300,000,000 series F round from New Enterprise Associates.
September 2019
Branch raises a $125,000,000 series E round from Playground Global.
September 2018
Branch raises a $129,000,000 series D round from Founders Fund and Playground Global.
April 10, 2017
Branch raises a $60,000,000 series C round from C.M. Capital Advisors, Canvas Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, DHVC, Madrona, New Enterprise Associates, Pear, Playground Global, Samsung NEXT and Zach Coelius.
January 2016
Branch raises a $35,000,000 series B round from Canvas Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, Founders Fund, Madrona, New Enterprise Associates, Pear, Samsung NEXT, Zach Coelius and ZenStone Venture Capital.
February 2015
Branch raises a $15,000,000 series A round from Clark Landry, Cowboy Ventures, DHVC, Daniel Curran, Joanne Yuan, Marc Bell Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Pear, TriplePoint Capital and Zach Coelius.
September 2014
Branch raises a $2,800,000 seed round from Ben Narasin, New Enterprise Associates and Pear.
June 2014
Branch raises a $300,000 seed round from Pear.

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