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Allonnia is developing a new solution intended for waste remediation and management.

Allonnia is a Boston-based waste bioremediation and management company looking to develop new solutions to the waste management of wastewater treatment, soil remediation, solid waste management, and upcycling. The company is leveraging advanced technology and progressive biologies to develop new solutions and systems to commercialize more sustainable waste protocols.


Allonnia officially opened for operation on October 22, 2020, after announcing its $40 million Series A funding. Its first objective will be to work with per- and poly-fluorinated compounds like PFAS, PFOA, and PFOS, known as "forever compounds" because they lack the ability to degrade over time, which leads to the contamination and pollution of ground soil and water.

Allonnia plans to work with Ginkgo Bioworks to leverage synthetic biology such as protein engineering and cell design to develop enzymatic and microbial solutions that eliminate and destroy contaminants in the environment's soil and water. Additionally, the company plans to upcycle manufacturing waste, catalyst recovery, and electronic componentry in local water supplies like rivers and streams. The cost of recycling such equipment and material is costly and time-consuming. Allonnia plans to use biological processes to restore the elements found and siphon them back into the perspective industries, where they belong, as upcycled products.

Nicole Richards is the first acting CEO of Allonnia. Richards possesses 28 years of relevant experience in waste management, marketing, and business operations.

Ferment Consortium

Allonnia received significant funding from the Ferment Consortium, a Ginkgo Bioworks private investment accelerator backed by $350 million in funding. The fund includes various backers, including Viking Global Investors, General Atlantic, and Cascade Investment. It works towards finding innovative solutions for industries where synthetic-biology has been under-utilized and develop spinout Ginkgo companies.

Allonnia is the third company to receive funding from Ginkgo's Ferment Consortium and is headquartered at Ginkgo's facility in the Seaport District of Boston.


October 22, 2020
Allonnia raises $40M Series A, appoints Nicole Richards as CEO
October 2, 2020
Allonnia was founded.
October 2020
Allonnia raises a $40,000,000 series A round from Battelle Memorial Institute, Cascade Investment Group, General Atlantic, Ginkgo Bioworks and Viking Global Investors.

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