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Zeno Semiconductor

Zeno Semiconductor

Zeno Semiconductor is a Sunnyvale, California-based semiconductor company developing memory and logic technologies for scaling semiconductors.


Zeno Semiconductor is a developer and licensor of memory and logic technologies, intended to provide scaling paths for semiconductor devices. These technologies are manufacturable on mainstream CMOS and FinFET fabrication processes, without the need for proprietary materials or equipment.

The company's developed memory consists of small SRAM capable of fitting in the space of a single MOS transistor, to allow users to develop new paths to scale semiconductor devices, and to increase these semiconductor power to performance characteristics. Zeno Semiconductor has been awarded more than fifty patents for its technology. The company was founded in 2010 by Yuniarto Widjaja and is headquartered at Sunnyvale, California.

Cross-section schematic of Zeno's Bi-SRAM.

Zeno's 1-transistor Bi-SRAM (bi-stable, BiCMOS) is intended to provide a static memory cell with a 5 times smaller cell size than other Bi-SRAM provides. The memory is bi-stable, which means it does not require refresh operation, and is compatible with CMOS logic processes. The bi-stable characteristic is obtained through the intrinsic, vertical, open-base bipolar transistors. The technology has been demonstrated at 28 nanometers, in 2015, and at 14 and 16 nanometers, in 2018.

Zeno's bit-cells used in the Bi-SRAM memory cells are 0.025 square microns when cast in 28 nanometer CMOS, compared to the usual 0.127 square microns, and is 37 percent smaller than Samsung's 10-nanometer FinFET SRAM bit-cells, at 0.040 square microns. The cells can be used in 3D FinFET or fully-depleted silicon on insulator planar fabs. And they can maintain their size or scale to small sizes at more advanced nodes.

βoosted Transistor

Zeno's βoosted transistor technology offers up to 4 times power-performance product gain within the same technology node. This technology is intended to aid in the scaling of semiconductor transistors, which were expected to cost more than $10 billion to fabricate below 10nm. Zeno's βoosted transistor was demonstrated to work at 28nm and 14nm technology nodes.


December 6, 2018
Zeno Semiconductor demonstrates the scalability of its 1-transistor/2-transistor Bi-SRAM memory technology to 14nm in 16nm FinFET technology nodes.
October 30, 2018
Zeno Semiconductor tests modifications and a smaller process node for the single-transistor 28nm SRAM chip introduced in 2016, to boost space for on-chip CPU memory by more than 2.5 times.
August 31, 2014
Zeno Semiconductor raises a $490,000 grant from National Science Foundation.

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Zeno Semiconductor Inc. v. Silicon Storage Technology Inc. et al (Lead Case) (Consolidated with Microchip Technology Inc., et al. v. Widjaja, et al., Case No. 17CV306507)



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