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Writer is an AI writing assistant developed for content teams. It provides individuals, teams, and companies the ability to create and enforce a writing style guide to help them improve their branding.


Writer is a company that has created an AI writing assistant of the same name, developed for content teams. Writer was formerly known as Qordoba. The company's software is capable of editing emails, documents, support tickets, web copy, product marketing, and product user experience. Customers can utilize Writer to write on-brand with consistent and clear communication across teams.

Writer was founded in August 2020 by CEO May Habib and CTO Waseem AlShikh. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and its customers have included Twitter, Intuit, Handshake, Vistaprint, Codeless, Inkling, Webflow, McKesson, UiPath, and Pinterest.

Writing assistant

Writer's artificial intelligence writing assistant helps content teams develop consistent content. To do this, the software allows users to create a single source for approved and disapproved for use to keep brand terms. This allows companies to use tags, filters, and statuses; edit histories to give their approved terms a taxonomy; and allow users to know which words are best to use for product descriptions, marketing purposes, and customer support. As well, the software uses this taxonomy to produce suggestions and corrections as employees write with guidance, explaining why the changes exist to help employees keep from making those mistakes.

The software also allows users to write pre-approved snippets of text, which can be single sentences to page-long templates, to help teams reuse the templates and allows users to preserve formatting, lists, and links and include variable placeholders for dynamic content. And when users are in their email or text editor, they can call up a snippet with a simple shortcut. If the user has forgotten the shortcut, Writer offers search in-line for the content they need.

The software offers users suggestions, including the ability to set an editorial style and rules for punctuation and capitalization to keep everything consistent between users. The suggestions can be used for healthy communication to encourage confident, positive, unbiased and inclusive writing, and the suggestions can be used to enforce clarity and a reading grade across an organization.


The assistant software allows users to build a style guide to keep consistent content design for a company. The style guide can be used outside of the Writer software as well, to keep users writing in line with brand expectations, even when they do not use Writer. The style guide allows users to develop content guidelines, rules, term banks, and the Snippet libraries and is intended to be easy to use. This can also help users with font selections, colors, and branding, and the style guide can be viewed on the web to make it more accessible.

Use cases

Writer suggests the use cases for its AI copywriter include the following:

  • content strategy—automate content development
  • marketing—keep messages on-brand and consistent
  • editorial—enforce editorial guidelines
  • documentation—keep internal and external documentation clear, consistent, and scannable
  • operations and IT—prioritize data security and privacy
  • human resources—help develop a positive culture
  • learning and development—develop clear and consistent learning documentation
  • support teams—give agents templates and preferred language.

Writer is capable of integrating into popular workspaces for users, including the Chrome browser, Google Docs, and Microsoft's Word, Outlook, and Figma.

Data security and privacy

The company, in its terms of service, lays out its data security and privacy terms, which include that users writing will never make it into machine learning models, and the data is analyzed transiently, so what is written using the Writer tool stays there. This is to keep users' work private and secure and is HIPAA compliant. Furthermore, the software offers secured access with control permissions by role, audits and reports on activity with granular logs, and authentication for protection. The software also allows users to configure their deployment, whether it deploys behind a firewall with a VPN, only works for some applications, and restricts which IPs can use it.


November 15, 2021
Writer raises a $21,000,000 series A round from Insight Partners, Jack Altman, James Beshara, Julia Lipton, Lenny Rachitsky, Packy McCormick, Scott Belsky and Vivek Sodera.
Writer was founded by May Habib and Waseem AlShikh.

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