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Lend, borrow & trade with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and other major cryptocurrencies. Buy & sell crypto and earn interest of up to 11.57% APY. Trade while continuing to earn high interest rates.

Vauld is a Singapore-based crypto platform. It enables customers to buy, lend, borrow and trade crypto assets from one unified platform.

A Story Of Money And The Future Of Banking

To answer why we created Vauld, we have to dive into the details of how banking evolved"

The origin of Bitcoin

In 2008, the government let the banks live by infusing 1.2 trillion dollars of the taxpayer's money into a handful of banks.

Here's Alan Greenspan (Chairman - Federal Reserve: 1987-2006), the guy who decided how much money to print in America, admitting that his model was flawed in 2008.

Such recklessness by the government and banks created a need for innovation in the way our currencies operate. It created a need to break our dependence on governments and banks for our financial needs.

And then in 2009, something magical happened. Satoshi Nakamoto released his white paper which proposed a trust-less system to facilitate transactions in a purely peer to peer and decentralized fashion. This removed the need for a centralized authority like a government or bank, making it truly beneficial for every user holding the currency.

Bitcoin - A Revolutionary Concept

If all of us adopted Bitcoin, countries will no longer enter hyper-inflation and your transactions will not be restricted or controlled by government.

But, this solution has its drawbacks

vertical line

There is a technological bottleneck of

7 transactions per second

And importantly, it expects everyone to have and accept

Bitcoin as a legitimate currency

Some governments, after looking at the threat that bitcoin poses, have decided to take an anti-crypto stance. This ensures that nation wide acceptance does't happen at a scale where it replaces their national currency.

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July 29, 2021
Vauld raises a $25,000,000 series A round from CMT Digital, CoinShares, Coinbase Ventures, Gumi Cryptos Capital, Pantera Capital, Robot Ventures and Valar Ventures.

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