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Transatomic Power

Transatomic Power

A nuclear reactor design company developing Waste-Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor. The company ceased operations in September 2018.

Transatomic Power was a nuclear reactor design company that ceased operations on September 25th, 2018. The Cambridge, Massachusetts based company was founded in 2011 by graduates of the MIT Nuclear Engineering Department Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie alongside venture capitalist Russ Wilcox.

The company was developing a Waste-Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor (WAMSR), a 520 MW molten salt reactor that converts high-level nuclear waste into clean, carbon-free electric power. Transatomic raised $5.5M in funding over 3 rounds, investors included Acadia Woods Partners, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, and Ray Rothrock, partner emeritus at Venrock.

Transatomic Power shut down operations, citing no viable path to bringing its molten salt reactor designs to scale. They made their intellectual property open source for researchers who wished to continue development.


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