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Artificial Intelligence company for Trademark management, research, and analysis

TrademarkNow is a Helsinki based Artificial Intelligence company that facilitates management, analysis, and risk assessment for trademarks. TrademarkNow utilizes machine learning to assess trademark comparison models created by experts in trademark law and linguistics for faster, smarter trademark analysis. TrademarkNow's stated goal is to decrease the time required to filter standard search engine results and search multiple Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) databases. TrademarkNow allows users to tailor and filter searches based on trademarks from over 180 countries’ PTO database. The service is targeted towards Paralegals, Lawyers, and Trademark and Branding Professionals to avoid potential conflicts.

TrademarkNow's legal technology database can identify varying aspects in the implementation of trademarks in products to avoid possible conflicts. TrademarkNow uses its intelligent machine learning implementation to avoid the likelihood of confusion between two trademarks under explicit and intricate domain models of the law by taking real-world complexities into account. TrademarkNow’s AI simplifies finding similarities of trademarks and the products under the registered trademarks and helps clients determine if both of them can coexist without infringing upon one another.

TrademarkNow holds a directory of trademarks and their international classification system for goods and services from over 180 countries’ PTO database. The classification of trademarks is commonly known as Nice Classification. A free search on TrademarkNow allows users to find related trademarks, their owners, registration id, status, and their respective classes registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


TrademarkNow was founded in 2012, in Helsinki, Finland by Mikael Kolehmainen, Heikki Vesalainen, Matti Kokkola, Anna Ronkainen, and Jan C. Maier. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, it has offices in New York City and Kilkenny, Ireland.


Namecheck provides comprehensive clearance search for trademarks across multiple regions with reports ranked and analyzed by order of threat.


NameWatch monitors brands and companies to minimize costs and protect trademarks. It is an integrated suite of tools to provide insights, alerts and monitor threats from competition.


Examatch is a business intelligence tool, which also works as a preliminary trademark search tool, that allows searches across more than 180 countries' PTO databases for particular trademark names, registration IDs, owners, and representatives to avoid conflicts while expanding the scope of a trademark to those countries.


Logocheck searches millions of designs and logos across the trademark database to account for the usage of similar logo and designs by other trademarks.


May 14, 2019
TrademarkNow Launches Trademark Clearance Tools for the Masses


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