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TEOCO is a Fairfax, Virginia-based telecommunications company.


TEOCO is a Fairfax, VA-based telecom company that provides analytics, assurance, and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSP) and OEMs worldwide. The company was founded in 1995 by CEO Atul Jain. TEOCO's executive management team includes Jain, CFO Avi Goldstein, Chief Administration Officer Roman Cybyk, Executive Vice President Business Analytics Derek Canfield, and Executive Vice President Rob Roy. The company has been privately owned since its inception and has grown mostly through acquisition.

Products and services

TEOCO's portfolio of business, network, and device services includes 300 service providers across more than 100 countries. The company specializes in its analytics services, which they use to provide CSPs with insights into network and customer behavior. TEOCO uses this data to aid companies in the optimization, monetization, and implementation of new and existing services, such as 5G.

TEOCO's main product is its SmartHub Platform, a technology enabler for its business solutions portfolio. The platform provides insights into finance, network, and customers, with the goal of expanding profit margins and increasing revenue. Other services offered by TEOCO include multiple RAN solutions, such as network planning, optimization, and configuration management, as well as methods for implementing 5G, analytics, automation, geolocation, IoT, drones, and machine learning.

Funding and acquisitions

In 2009, private equity firm TA Associates completed a $60 million minority investment in TEOCO. TEOCO has also acquired six companies since its inception. The company acquired TTI Telecom for $58 million in 2010. TEOCO has gone on to acquire Schema Ltd., AIRCOM International, PreClarity Inc., Ciqual, and SSI for undisclosed amounts.


October 6, 2009
TEOCO raises a $60,000,000 private equity from TA Associates.

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