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Swarm (cryptocurrency)

Swarm (cryptocurrency)

Swarm is a non-profit blockchain company that builds open infrastructure for digital securities with the goal of democratizing the private equity sector.

Swarm is a non-profit blockchain company that builds open infrastructure for digital securities with the goal of democratizing investment and disrupting the private equity sector.

Security Token Infrastructure

Swarm's security token platform involves multiple infrastructure developments.

The Market Access Protocol (MAP) is an open standard for trading security tokens that is meant to solve inefficiencies and difficulties in the security token market. MAP is a globally compliant protocol that can be used to integrate security tokens into the market in a uniform way.

The MAP API can be used by any participant in the security token space to verify information for regulatory compliance purposes.


Swarm was founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley by Phillip Pieper and Timo Lehes.

The company raised venture capital from Techstars through a seed round in 2014. They later held a public ICO in 2017 that raised $5.5 million.

In August 2018, Swarm tokenized equity in Robinhood prior to their IPO and offered it to investors through the RHET token.


September 7, 2017
Swarm was founded by Joel Dietz, Philipp Pieper and Timo Lehes.


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