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Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics is a company commercializing single cell analysis systems founded in 2010 by Wilhelm Huck.

Sphere Fluidics is a privately held company based in Babraham, Cambridge, UK that commercializes single cell analysis systems. The company was originally spun out from the University of Cambridge and has 32 patented products including, instruments, software, biochips, and specialist chemicals.


Sphere Fluidics' main products are Cyto-Mine and ESI-Mine.


Cyto-Mine was introduced in September 2018. It is an automated platform which integrates single cell screening, sorting, isolation, and clone verification. The product is meant to work alongside industry-standard robotic platforms and corporate databases to improve antibody discovery and cell line development workflows.


ESI-Mine is a platform that can be used for high-throughput mass spectometry (MS) analysis. It enables the retrieval of living copies of hits that are normally destroyed during MS procedures.


On January 29, 2019 Sphere Fluidics completed a venture capital round with $2 million in funding from Greenwood Way Capital, Oxford Technology and Innovations EIS Fund, and 24Haymarket. the company claims it will be using the funding to accelerate the growth of business operations and sales of the companies Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis System. The CEO of Sphere Fluidics, Frank F Craig, made the following public statement after the company secures its funding:

We are pleased to see such a high level of interest in Sphere Fluidics and receive funding from several leading investors. We are making further investment in automating and streamlining our manufacturing processes across our product range to extend our offering and to deliver our high-quality standards and service to more researchers working in biotherapeutic discovery and cell line development across the UK and USA. We will be raising additional funds to expand these capabilities further.


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