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Spectrabotics, LLC

Spectrabotics, LLC

Spectrabotics is a company developing a data collection and analytics platform.


Spectrabotics is a data collection and analytics platform used to compile and analyze data to show trends, correlations, and actionable insights. The company is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and was founded in 2015 by Tim Haynie.

The company's platform provides decision-making tools for customers, data analytics, and visualization services. These are combined with topic information and data technologies, like machine learning (ML), to offer a snapshot of challenges faced by the precision agricultural, smart space, and smart city industries, and enable product users to make data-based decisions according to the provided analytics.


The Spectrabotics' product has three primary features for users to leverage: deep learning analytics, geographic information system (GIS) data infusion, and dashboard tools.

Deep learning analytics

Spectrabotics embeds an autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content using various techniques and tools, like ML, to discover deep insights, make predictions, or generate actionable insights to users. This is made possible through the application of sensors and the use of drones to collect data on the industry at hand. Each sensor is responsible for a different variable and then normalizes the data to help users understand what changes would be potentially beneficial to operations through various mathematical algorithms.

GIS data infusion
Example of Spectralink data insight graphing.

The sensors used by Spectrabotics are used for geospatial information presentation called Spectralink. The Spectralink platform can be integrated with existing GIS data collected and provide real-time updates from the sensors that are in place, connecting the data with geographic locations. The platform can be used to develop customized map overlays that display information as it is being collected. Maps can also be customized in various layers for different variables.

Dashboard tools

Spectrabotics' product Spectralink provides an interactive dashboard with various tools, such as real-time graphs and other "easy to read" graphics that allow users to make decisions based on what is happening in the present time. The dashboard can be used to visualize all of the collected data in one place and is customizable based on user preferences.

NASA iTech Initiative

In October of 2018, Spectrabotics participated in the NASA iTech Initiative as a top 10 finalist in Hartford, Connecticut, after NASA showed interest in the product offerings. At the time, Spectrabotics was focused on the agricultural, emergency response, mining, and other industries, and was heavily reliant on drones.

Catalyst Accelerator

In January of 2020, Spectrabotics received $15,000 in funding from the Catalyst Accelerator and was named one of the top eight Best in Data Infusion.


October 2018
Spectrabotics, LLC raises a $50,000 grant.

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