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Softline International

Softline International

Softline International is a Moscow-based company founded in 1993 by Igor Borovikov.

Softline is a services provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity, with its headquarters in London. The company enables, facilitates and accelerates the digital transformation of its customers’ businesses, connecting over 150,000 enterprise organizations across a comprehensive range of industries with over 6,000 best-in-class IT vendors, and delivering its own services and proprietary solutions.

Since its inception, Softline has achieved a turnover of US$ 1.8 billion. In October 2021, the company conducted a successful initial public offering of its depositary receipts on the London and Moscow stock exchanges.

Softline was created in 1993 by Igor Borovikov. At first, its main activity was the licensing of scientific software on the Russian market. From a small Russian software reseller, the company has grown into a global provider of IT solutions. Now Softline operates in more than 55 countries and serves 10 thousand orders a day. Softline's turnover in the 2020 fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, increased by 8.9% year-on-year and amounted to $1.8 billion. Main partners: Microsoft, Google.

Revenue concentration between the largest customers:

According to AMR international, the target market of the Group ("CR") amounted to 352 billion US dollars in 2020, including developing EMEA countries (111 billion US dollars), developing Asia-Pacific countries, including India (109 billion US dollars), and Latin America, including Brazil (106 billion US dollars), and the rest of the market accounted for Russia ($21 billion) and the rest of Europe ($5 billion). AMR international predicts that by 2024 the volume of the Group's target market will reach USD 490 billion, i.e. the average annual growth rate will be about 9%.



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August 27, 2018


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