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Shabodi offers an application enablement platform (AEP) for enterprises, system integrators, and telecommunication providers, allowing them to build custom applications on advanced LTE and 5G networks.

Shabodi has developed an application enablement platform (AEP) designed to help users build high-performance enterprise applications for 5G networks. The company's platform simplifies network control operations by providing application programming interfaces (APIs) through which applications can be reconfigured, enabling developers to manage them, possibly reduce operational costs, and optimize performance.

Industrial IoT implementation

Replacing traditional mobile radio systems and devices used in factories that do not accept video and more advanced communication systems with 5G systems can result in improved communication and reduction of the cost of sensors. According to the company, a 50,000 square meter factory floor that invests up to $50 million over a five-year period in the installation of an IoT infrastructure can potentially achieve cost savings of up to $500 million. Shabodi's platform offers:

  • Improved communication and robotics control and overall automation
  • Supply chain tasks support, including inventory management and logistics management
  • Condition-based sensor monitoring to carry out predictive analytics (to identify necessary replacements, for instance) and provide proactive maintenance and servicing


December 2021
Shabodi announces it has raised $3.3M in seed funding from several investors.
October 1, 2021
Shabodi raises a $3,170,000 seed round from Blumberg Capital, CEAS Investments, Counterview Capital, Green Egg Ventures, Lorimer Ventures, MAVA Ventures, Maccabee Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Sinewave Ventures and Supernode Ventures.
January 2021
Shabodi raises a $200,000 convertible note from Forum Ventures, Right Side Capital Management and Vishal Makhijani.

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