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SeeO2 Energy Inc.

SeeO2 Energy Inc.

SeeO2 Energy Inc. is a Calgary-based carbon capture and storage company converting capture carbon dioxide into fuels and chemicals.

SeeO2 Energy Inc. is a company focused on efficiently converting carbon dioxide into marketable and clean value-added fuels and chemicals using reversible fuel-cell technology. SeeO2 Energy helps turn GHG emissions into assets. The company's electrolyzers can efficiently generate gases on-site such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or oxygen in a reliable way. SeeO2’s team has several combined years of experience in energy conversion and storage technologies, materials development for clean energy, and technology commercialization.


SeeO2's technology is an electro system that operates in two modes - the SOEC mode and the SOFC mode. Highly efficient energy conversion and storage devices are also being used. For solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) mode, SOECs utilize power and heat to convert carbon dioxide and/or water to produce fuels such as carbon monoxide (CO), syngas (H2 and CO combination), and methane (CH4). For solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) mode, SOFCs can operate with fuels such as hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide, syngas, and methane.

Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (RSOFCs)

In most RSOFC configurations, a different electrocatalyst (electrode) is being used at the fuel and oxygen electrodes, which adds manufacturing complexity and cost. Also, most of these catalysts are not very stable in high CO2 and/or water environments. However, the novel and stable electrocatalyst being developed by SeeO2 can be used in both the oxygen-rich environment of the oxygen electrode anode, producing oxygen, and at the CO2 or steam environment of the cathode, producing H2 and CO. These high-temperature SOECs have clear kinetic and thermodynamic advantages over existing lower-temperature approaches - reactions are faster, the options for alternative catalysts are broader and the catalysts are more stable.


August 27, 2019
SeeO2 Energy Inc. raises a $120,000 seed round from Techstars.

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