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Rari Capital

Rari Capital

Rari Capital maintains a series of protocols to achieve yield generation and delivery built as a DeFi dApp on Ethereum.

Rari Capital is a suite of decentralized finance protocols on a mission to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical minds, in order to bring the next wave of mass users into this industry.

We have built a series of products that create and deliver aggregate yield, allowing you a simple and safe avenue of value-accrual to your existing assets.

Fuse: Open interest rate protocol that provides users the ability to create and manage customizable lending/borrowing pools.

Yield Aggregator: An autonomous algorithm that rebalances users' funds into the highest-yield opportunities. Staked funds also provide liquidity to Fuse pools for borrowers.

Tranches: Peer-to-peer risk exchange protocol that utilizes the Yield Aggregator DAI pool for customized risk and return profiles.

Pool 2: Incentives for RGT liquidity providers on decentralized exchanges.

Enjoy this experience, we are changing the world of finance together as one large community within the Rari Capital Decentralized Autonomous Organization!

Infinite Possibilities

Rari Capital opens up the world to financial innovation on an unprecedented scale.

  • Earn

Deposit crypto-assets to automatically begin earning the highest yield.

  • Fuse

An open interest rate protocol. Works with any assets on your own terms.

  • Governance

Participate in governance to develop the future of the Rari Protocol.

Build on Rari Capital

Rari Capital enables developers anywhere to focus on their product offerings. Let the protocol handle the lending, borrowing and yield.



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