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Rackner is a Silver Spring, Maryland-based cloud computing solutions provider, developing solutions that use DevSecOps and artificial intelligence.


Rackner is a developer of cloud-native and hybrid-cloud application development for enterprise solutions, including mobility, managed cloud, and edge cloud architecture, including serverless and microservices. These solutions are built through an application of DevSecOps and using artificial intelligence, as well as using public and private clouds, edge computing, and technologies like Kubernetes and WebAssembly. Rackner is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, with customers including startups and federal agencies. The core competencies of Rackner include the following:

  • DevSecOps
  • Edge computing
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Cloud-native and hybrid-cloud development
  • Web and mobile applications development (microservices)

Rackner was founded in 2015 by David Gagner, and its customers have included the FDA, Stanford University, Mars, U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense, Bytecode Alliance, Johnson & Johnson, and MedStar Health.

Solutions and services

Rackner's solutions and services are developed to help companies through their digital transformation. This includes Kubernetes training, cloud-native cost assessments, and cloud-native quickstarts for financial services. Services also include DevSecOps, artificial intelligence and platform development, and systems for edge, IoT, mobile, and virtual reality computing and infrastructure.


Rackner's Covalent platform is intended to make machine learning and analytics for embedded use cases in industries including defense and manufacturing. This solution includes secure software for embedded devices, capable of supporting Containers or Kubernetes, and capable of increasing the possibilities of the software when it runs in the cloud or at the edge.


As a certified Kubernetes service provider, Rackner has solutions that help organizations and enterprises build, secure, and operate a Kubernetes ecosystem. Building includes running clusters on a public cloud provider or on-premise, using cluster bootstrapping and management tooling to ensure clusters are conformant, performant, and flexible, including the ability to autoscale and self-heal. Securing includes following security practices and using industry tools for Kubernetes and the workloads running on it to ensure the deployment is as secure as possible. Operating includes helping organizations and their developers by implementing monitoring, CI/CD, and logging services to ensure the continuing reliability of a cluster.


Boost is a service provided by Rackner for building web, cross-platform, and native applications on demand. To do this, Rackner provides companies with developers, which allows businesses to develop products without needing to hire their own developers. As well, the products can be built to scale using cloud-powered infrastructure and can be maintained by Rackner over time to keep the product working as expected.


For companies looking to migrate to the crowd, build DevSecOps capabilities, or stay compliant, Rackner offers their DevSecOps services, including for developing cloud architecture, either containerized or orchestrated, serverless, or hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures for users. They have multiple migration paths, including lift-and-shift, which keeps as much of an original application intact as possible while moving it to the cloud; replatform, which swaps services with a cloud-native equivalent; and refactor, which rewrites or re-architect's portions of an application to take advantage of a cloud platform. They offer DevOps, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and test automation. And their security, compliance, and monitoring services help organizations secure their cloud architecture, maintain their continuous compliance, and monitor and log application metrics.

AI and platform development

Rackner's AI and platform development services help organizations develop or modernize business-critical applications. Services include artificial intelligence capabilities within those applications. To do this, Rackner offers AI and ML development, including AutoML and MLOps infrastructure and business case applications. They offer API and microservice development, including modern API development, API management, and logging and monitoring to optimize services for user experience. And they offer enterprise product development and modernization services, such as software-as-a-service development, application modernization, and enterprise platform security.

Mobile, IoT, and VR

Rackner also helps companies and organizations to build the next generation of innovative systems with new technologies and their deployment, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), VR platform development, and mobile application development. For IoT, Rackner offers edge computing, IoT platform development, and IoT communication capabilities to companies. For VR platform development, Rackner helps organizations develop VR-optimized APIs and autoscaling and healing game servers. And Rackner offers mobile application development, including hybrid-native mobile application development, cross-platform application development, and native application development.



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