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Pintu Token

Pintu Token

PTU is an ERC-20 token that is designed to support the growth of Pintu’s ecosystem and community.

Pintu Token (PTU)

PTU token is designed to drive and support the long term growth and vision of the Pintu ecosystem and community. The launch of the token is aimed at rewarding loyal users of the platform and incentivisingnew members to join Pintu’s expanding ecosystem. The monthly token burns are aimed at optimising total token supply. Token holders will also receive benefits on withdrawals and accrue higher rewards on any tokens staked, as well as gain future privileges in the form of airdrops and marketing campaign bonuses

Pintu Token (PTU) is the core token of Pintu’s ecosystem & community, designed to promote Pintu’s long term ecosystem growth and reward loyal members of its community. PTU is a standard ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, with a total supply of 300 million PTU.

2021 Q4

1.PTU Token Launch

2.Community Airdrop

3.PTU Buy & Burn Commences

4.Development of PTU staking features

2022 Q1

1. PTU staking features launch

2. Launch of free BTC/ETH/ERC-20 withdrawals for PTU stakers

3. Launch of referral bonus for PTU stakers

4. Development & launch of Pintu Earn (rewards account)

2022 Q2 & Beyond

1. Community voting using staked PTU tokens

2. Special access to additional perks and rewards

3. Higher rate of rewards in Pintu Earn accounts for PTU holders

4. Expansion of PTU token usage in DeFi initiatives

Transparent Buy & Burn

Pintu estimates to buy and burn PTU tokens equivalent to 0.01% - 0.03% of the total trading value across all assets on its platform (as calculated in Rupiah (IDR)) on a monthly basis. This will help reduce circulating supply over time, ultimately optimising token supply. Pintu will publish the Etherscan link of the burn transaction to provide transparency to the wider community. It is anticipated that burning will conclude after an estimated of around 20% of all PTU tokens are burned.

Staking Rewards & Benefits

It is anticipated that PTU holders will be able to stake PTU in Pintu app to gain various rewards and benefits. Staked tokens will take 14 days to unstake. The staking feature is planned to be implemented in Q1 2022.


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