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Net AI

Net AI

Net AI is an Edinburgh-based virtual network management company using artificial intelligence for network monitoring.


Net AI is a network intelligence and advanced analytics company developing customizable software tools to use AI to provide real-time traffic insights and virtualized mobile network optimization. These services are developed to help telecommunication companies generate better profit margins by reducing their CAPEX/OPEX/TCO. The company was formed as a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh in 2020.


The company's solution is a scalable artificial intelligence-based solution to support the effective management and monetization of 4G/5G mobile networks. This includes stream analytics, to help mobile carriers to reduce their CAPEX by tightening SLA management and supporting differentiated service models and enabling network slicing.

Net AI's solution is cloud-native and it can be used with other network management platforms to allow telecommunication companies to generate new revenue streams by offering OPEX-saving services to their customers. Net AI also offers business intelligence services, including service assurance and marketing analytics to help content providers boost end-user satisfaction and provide a chance to capture higher end-user satisfaction and increase customer acquisition and retention.


Presented at the DDE Post-Covid AI Accelerator Demo Day, and at Converge 2021 Inside Innovation event, the Microscope technology is intended to give 5G providers real-time insights into network demand on a service-by-service level. This is to provide a solution to the expensive and inaccurate hardware and software often used to process raw data at different points in the network.


November 16, 2021
Net AI raises a $1,000,000 pre-Seed from Nauta Capital, Old College Capital and Techstart Ventures.

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December 4, 2020

Net AI snaps up £750K to cut cost and carbon footprint of 5G telecom providers - UKTN | UK Tech News


November 16, 2021


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